Find out what's new on GetNetWise! The Spotlight section features information about the latest issues and concerns facing Internet users and illustrates helpful safety techniques with step-by-step video tutorials. The newest Spotlight additions include information on how to use the privacy settings of popular social networking sites and activating safe search features in most top search engines. More.

How-To Video Tutorials

GetNetWise contains the largest online repository of instructional how-to video tutorials that show parents and users how to keep their family's online experiences safe and secure. Instructional videos range from setting your search engine to filter pornography in its search results to activating your computer's security settings.

Keeping Children Safe Online

Learn about the risks kids face online, Search or browse for Internet safety products, browse great sites families can visit together, and Learn how to identify online trouble and get law enforcement contact information.

Stopping Unwanted E-mail and Spam

Learn how to prevent unwanted email from flooding your inbox and how to report the spammers.

Protecting Your Computer

Learn about the risks that hackers and viruses pose to your computer files and software. Take steps to prevent viruses from infecting your software and to keep hackers from compromising your computer.

Keeping Your Personal Info Private

Learn about tools and techniques to better control how much personal information you share with online stores, Web sites, e-mailers and other people who may use your computer.

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