Design Studio

We help you build better products.

Design is more than just looking good. We create great user experiences by focusing on the big picture: clear communication, ease of use, emotional response, business goals, technical constraints, and more.

We’re multi-talented

We write, draw, code, test, interview, advise, evaluate, and discover. Our skills are broad and deep so we can give you
the help you need.

A better kind of agency

Our team is your team. Because we’re (literally) invested in your business, our incentives are perfectly aligned.

How we help

Design sprints

Whether one day or one month, we can accelerate your product design process.

User research

Launching is great, but you shouldn’t wait to learn if people like your product.

Workshops and conferences

We’ll teach you how to talk to users, sketch UIs, give product feedback, and more.

Hiring your design team

We’ve interviewed hundreds of designers and researchers. We can help you build your team.

Mentoring and office hours

Sometimes you need an extra set of eyes, or a second opinion, or a wake-up call. We can do that.

Data-informed design

We can help you identify, capture and use data to make better design decisions.


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UX Happy Hour

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What’s it like to work with us?

Michael Pellini
CEO, Foundation Medicine

“Our product is actually a paper report that takes the analysis of millions of data points and presents it to oncologists in an easy-to-understand way. We tapped into the Google Ventures Design Studio, and based on their input, dramatically changed the design of the report for our national launch. It presents complex information in such a simple fashion; the oncologists and pharmaceutical companies love it.”

Seth Priebatsch
Chief Ninja, SCVNGR

“One of the really unique things that Google Ventures was able to make happen for us was working with a
UX researcher from their team. We did a full battery of proper user research and over the course of a week, he gave us probably 20 actionable items that would make the product better.”

Recruiting Team

We help you hire amazing people.

Your team is your most valuable asset. We are dedicated to helping you maximize that value and ensure your company’s success.

A custom approach

From hands-on help to teaching practical recruiting skills, we tailor our approach to the needs of each company we work with.

Your recruiting partner

It’s not just a job title. We’re a true partner in building your team — someone you can talk to throughout the hiring process.

How we help


We’ve sourced thousands of candidates for Google, and we’ll do it for you. We know where – and how – to find the best people.

Our track record

We’ve worked with nearly every company in our portfolio, resulting in introductions to thousands of qualified candidates.

Workshops and training

Sourcing top-notch candidates, setting up your interview process, making competitive offers, hiring your first in-house recruiter, and more.


Technical recruiting is our bread and butter. Our team has broad experience hiring engineers at all levels — from interns to senior leaders.

High-priority placements

When you have an essential position to fill, it’s all hands on deck.

User experience

We work closely with the Design Studio to help you hire those critical designers and researchers.


Startup Job Board

Search over 400 jobs at our portfolio companies.
Find one that’s right for you.
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What’s it like to work with us?

Shawn Fanning
Co-founder, Airtime

“We were looking for a VC that would add value beyond just the capital, so for us the engineering network was the biggest factor. Google Ventures helps us recruit the quality of engineers that we want. To have access to pools of talented engineers through other networks and institutions is a huge asset for us.”

Shelby Clark
Founder, RelayRides

“The GV recruiting team has been influential in helping us understand what we’re looking for and where to find those people. They’ve even helped us understand what positions we should hire for and how to think about the roles on our technology and product teams.”

Marketing Team

We help you tell your story.

Remember your favorite childhood story? We do too. We believe that the best marketing is good storytelling — to help people understand and remember your company.

A deep bench

We’ve worked on small startup teams and multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns. We understand the press and the platforms for reaching customers.

Hands-on help when you need it

Sometimes you’ll just need advice, and sometimes you’ll want us to roll up our sleeves and work with your team. We love doing both.

How we help

Media relations

With years of positioning experience and long-standing relationships with top news outlets, we’ll help generate strategic press coverage.

Crisis management

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, we can help you navigate critical communications in the moment.


Whether big or small, we’ll help build marketing and communications strategies to create moments in the spotlight.

Media training

Prepare for tough questions. Be quotable. Keep your cool. We’ll help you make the most of your time in the spotlight.

Social media strategy

How people find and consume information online is changing everyday. We’ll help you choose the best channels for your message, and amplify your voice to our audience.

Campaign development

From naming and messaging to media planning and developing creative assets, our team has hands-on skills to give you concrete help.

What’s it like to work with us?

Errik Anderson
Co-founder, Adimab

“The Google Ventures team really took the time to understand our business and to think strategically about our communications strategy. We know what we ultimately want to accomplish with our business, and the GV team helped us figure out how to engage with people and talk about it.”

Matt Rogers
Co-founder, Nest

“The top way that Google Ventures has helped us is on the marketing side. They’ve given us an enormous amount of expertise and help with online marketing that has directly led to increased traffic to our site.”

Engineering Team

We help you scale.

Technology is at the core of great companies. We’re here to help solve the challenges you’ll face as you grow: scalable systems, massive data stores, distributed engineering teams, and more.

Big data

We have some of the world’s leading quant experts on our team. We tackled data problems at Google scale, and now we’re ready to help your company.

Big engineering challenges

Our team has built products from scratch, scaled systems, managed teams, and lived to tell about it. We’ll help you learn from our experiences as you grow.

How we help

Management and process

When growing pains set in, we’ll help you establish proven methods like automated testing, monitoring, and measuring performance.

Real-world data

How can you use data and algorithms to improve your business? We’ll consult with you on applying big-data analysis to real business problems.

Scale and architecture consulting

At scale, the risks of learning by trial and error are much higher. We’ll share best practices and help you implement them.

Machine learning and algorithms

We’ll roll up our sleeves and work alongside your team to create machine-learning systems, develop algorithms, and more.

Mentoring and office hours

When you need quick feedback, guidance, reassurance, or just someone to talk to.

Hiring your team

We’ve interviewed hundreds of engineers and data scientists. We can help you build your team.

What’s it like to work with us?

Troy Carter
Co-founder, Backplane

“Hands down Google Ventures has spent the most time with us as founders and with our team of engineers. For one issue, they brought in a team of engineers with expertise on the problem, set them up with our engineers, and from there built out the product.”

Steve Chen
Co-founder, AVOS Systems

“VCs normally don’t have a long list of top A-level engineers. When it comes to being able to lend resources to help build the product, only Google Ventures was able to step up into that role.”

Google Mentors

We connect you with the
best and brightest.

We believe in the power of Google’s experts to help you succeed. Feel free to think of our colleagues at Google as your extended team.

Amazing people

Google is known for its brilliant, creative employees. They’ve hired experts in everything from Python to statistics to user research.

Access to Google

Seems like every VC has a mentor network these days. We provide unparalleled (and real) access to Google’s massive network of employees and alumni.

How we help


App Engine

A/B testing

Website latency

Survey design and analysis

Stats and quantitative analysis

Search-engine marketing

Engineering management

Scalable systems

User research

Google APIs