VOLARE NEW YORK is located in New York City, and it is owned and operated by Volare International, a family concern since 1960, committed to providing the finest furs available. We import our furs from across the world, meaning that the most luxurious and premium furs and fabrics of Europe are used to make the world's finiest VOLARE fur coats, vests, scarves, jackets and hats in Haute Couture European style.  The most gorgeous Minks from Russia, Fabulous Fox from Norway, spectacular Raccoon and Rex Rabbit from Canada and furs from the USA make the most superior VOLARE garments. Our furs are made in-house using the most superior control standards, utilizing the most talented Haute Couture Designers and Tailors, making VOLARE FURS the most stylish and of the highest quality to be found anywhere, and made for the most sophisticated and discerning buyer.



Our philosophy is to appeal to the broadest international market with the greatest selection, most superior quality and price, developing existing and new product lines to meet the needs of the international fashion industry, expand further into the American Market from our roots in the Russian, Canadian, Japanese and Norwegian markets, and assist companies to increase sales with the promotion, branding and marketing of our product line.