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The process of developing a new Strategic Plan to guide the College of the Marshall Islands' decision-making, budgeting and day-to-day operations for the next five years has been ongoing since March 2011. While the plan that is in-process has been designed to support the college's mission, philosophy, vision, and values, it is not and will not be a static document. Once it is fully reviewed by all of the college's stakeholders, finalized, and approved and adopted by the members of the college's Board of Regents, the college's upcoming 2012-17 Strategic Plan will be a living, breathing blueprint for the future.

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Ailuk Trip Report


Harry N Langrine

CMI Land Grant Aquaculture Extension Agent

Mission Statement

Thursday April Eleventh 2013 as requested by the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority, our role on this excursion was to offer assistance on a survey translation regarding the Marine Protected Areas, while conduct visibility study, so added importance offer assessment for the Ailuk Atoll Aquaculture management plan.  


Upon arrival at the airport, Madam Mayor Rufina Jack and some members from her council met for the briefing with this small group of five.  Areas conducting this Ailuk Atoll Resource Management Program survey on are as follows (MPA Effectiveness, Aquaculture Assessment and MPA Markers/Buoy).  The three selected MPA out of the seven includes Tolab, Toon Anedik and Anemaan.  The abundance of life that derives in these selected sites signifies the healthy ecosystem these Ailuk water have to offer.  White tip and colorful giant clam speaks the voice of the unspoken inhabitant in these healthy water.

Reef_SharkThough the MPA’s are being monitored by the local community at some level, the harvested wild stocks (giant clams) are most vulnerable due to frequent harvesting.Understanding the need to have food today and for the future yet still have enough to make a living are at constant tug-of-war in these people’s daily lives.Because “aquaculture” is not a new tern in this atoll, the people were eager and interested to know what we, as a counter part in this field had to bring to the table. A brief educational and awareness presentation to the school, third through eighth grades, fifty four was in attended. Advertising and awareness to Ailuk atoll community not including students, fifty five was in attended.As always the learning students give out the more scientific questions and concern while the other percent the more technical and obvious solution to a question perhaps they already knew.Coral is the only known project conducted with the people and since it was an Executive Council Meeting day the presentation was given out, the Mayor had much to think about. At the end of the day the council has considered to be a client impart with CMI Land Grant and MIMRA following the baby steps Namdrik and Ronglab are taking.    



If Ailuk is going to embark on the same ship other atolls are in, our study tells that the three best place to start considering are Bokkan, Jirongkan and Alirok. Deep clean water is essential inpearl farming and these three are not listed as MPA’s, best suitable for such project. Consider harvesting from various areas not close to MPA to pollinate seeds further out on the reefs (giant clams).  



Islands of the thieves some calls it, but a century old story about a rooster and a sailor should not lessen the eagerness of the proud people of Ailuk. Their many MPA’s will surly secure their wild stocks (giant clams) while their harvesting methods on lobsters should be considered by other atolls because it’s working well for the people.

Good job everyone!


Kommol tata!!  Should you have any question on this report please feel free to call Land Grant @ (692)528-5033 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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