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PAT. NO.Title
1 8,424,382 Full-Text Microelectromechanical sensor and operating method for a microelectromechanical sensor
2 8,365,595 Full-Text Rotation rate sensor
3 8,342,023 Full-Text Coriolis gyro
4 8,258,590 Full-Text Method for the production of a component, and component
5 8,171,794 Full-Text Operating method and circuit arrangement for a capacitive micromechanical sensor with analog reset
6 8,114,090 Full-Text Drill centering tool for removal of orthopedic plug
7 7,964,428 Full-Text Micromechanical component and method for fabricating a micromechanical component
8 7,961,373 Full-Text High-resolution digital phase modulator for a fiber-optic signal transmission or measurement device
9 7,922,105 Full-Text Atomizer adapter for paint sprayer
10 7,805,993 Full-Text Operating method for a Coriolis gyro, and evaluation/control electronics which are suitable for this purpose
11 7,710,702 Full-Text Primary side control module and method for protection of MOSFET against burnout
12 7,691,040 Full-Text Universal grip-handle for exercise equipment
13 7,639,757 Full-Text Pulse modulator and pulse modulation method
14 7,624,219 Full-Text Bus node
15 7,490,015 Full-Text Method for controlling/regulating a physical quantity of a dynamic system, in particular a micromechanical sensor
16 7,481,110 Full-Text Method for quadrature-bias compensation in a Coriolis gyro, as well as a Coriolis gyro which is suitable for this purpose
17 7,469,075 Full-Text Digital phase modulator for a fiber-optic device
18 7,448,742 Full-Text Reusable cartridge for inkjet printer
19 7,340,954 Full-Text Method for measurement of rotation rates/accelerations using a rotation rate coriolis gyro, as well as a coriolis gyro which is suitable for this purpose
20 7,337,665 Full-Text Method for electronically tuning the readout vibration of a coriolis gyroscope
21 7,324,206 Full-Text Method for determination/compensation of bias errors/random walk errors induced by the light source in fiber-optic Sagnac interferometers
22 7,283,246 Full-Text Method for regulating the operating frequency and multifunctional integrated circuit chip for a fiber-optic gyroscope
23 7,278,312 Full-Text Method for electronic tuning of the read oscillation frequency of a coriolis gyro
24 7,261,638 Full-Text Bowling practice device
25 7,249,488 Full-Text Method for detecting a zero-point error of a coriolis gyroscope and coriolis gyroscope using said method
26 7,246,512 Full-Text Method for determining a zero-point error in a vibratory gyroscope
27 7,241,007 Full-Text Convertible eyewear
28 7,231,823 Full-Text Method for electronically adjusting the selective oscillation frequency of a Coriolis gyro
29 7,216,525 Full-Text Method for compensation for a zero error in a coriolis gyro
30 7,190,463 Full-Text Method for preventing bias-errors as a result of synchronous interference in fiber-optic gyroscopes
31 7,173,712 Full-Text Method and device for increasing the long-term operational reliability of a fiber optic interferometer
32 7,130,744 Full-Text Method for determining and compensating the scale factor error caused by a wavelength change in a GPS-based inertial navigation system
33 D529,746 Full-Text Heart-shaped pillow with interior heart-shaped window
34 7,119,324 Full-Text Highly stable broadband light source and suitable stabilization method therefor
35 D529,280 Full-Text Holder for securing transportable electronic device to body
36 7,102,757 Full-Text Current measurement method and device based on a fiber optic in-line Sagnac interferometer
37 7,100,206 Full-Text Method for secured access to data in a network
38 7,011,235 Full-Text Vegetation care vessel
39 6,965,411 Full-Text Remote camera positioner
40 6,942,191 Full-Text Antirotation device
41 6,934,375 Full-Text System for positioning staff in office
42 6,869,370 Full-Text Laminated cue with central elongated member
43 6,863,832 Full-Text Method for producing a torsion spring
44 D500,818 Full-Text Stuffed bear with embroidered announcement
45 D500,817 Full-Text Stuffed baby bear
46 D499,825 Full-Text Portable interior light with clip
47 6,789,437 Full-Text Apparatus for precision slewing of flatform-mounted devices
48 6,760,111 Full-Text Digital phase modulator
49 6,707,975 Full-Text Fiber optic coil for a fiber optic measuring system and method for producing the same
50 6,691,572 Full-Text Acceleration measuring device with pulse width modulation resetting

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