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Nigerian You-Have-Won Fraud Letters: 48 Examples (Many More Coming)
By date received, with names of supposed lottery, names mentioned in letter, and amount of supposed winnings. Many duplicates omitted. Many of these emails have been reformatted for readability; the recipient's email address, and all angle brackets or HTML tags were removed. All of the other email and postal addresses, phone numbers, etc., are as given in the email, but be warned, do not attempt to contact the perpetrators!. They are ruthless and violent criminals.

How does the fraud work? The fictional lottery prize is the bait. The goal is to get you to come up with money for the "expenses" required to transfer those millions to you. Alternatively, with your bank information, they could drain your account or steal your identity. If you travel to Africa or Europe to "pick up your prize," you are at grave risk of being kidnapped and held for ransom. See the main page for more information about Nigerian email fraud.

How do you know the messages come from Nigeria? The pattern of these letters is extremely similar to the more familiar type of Nigerian fraud letters, where the fraudsters pose as an African who needs your help to quietly transfer millions of dollars to a foreign account. The bogus lotto letters are a second flood of messages written usually in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, with stilted English, in uncountable variations on the basic theme. Undoubtedly it's yet another product of the fraud subculture in Lagos. However, physical locations mentioned in the letters are usually in Amsterdam or Madrid.

See also Nigerian Advance Fee E-mail Lottery Fraud, as well as the links on the main fraud gallery page.

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This page was created by Lawrence Kestenbaum, polygon at potifos dot com. If you receive fraud email significantly different than those posted here, please forward it to me (preferably with full headers) so that I can add it to the collection. Your name and address will not be disclosed.