March Madness – Who is the Public Betting on to Win?

Which teams do people pick to win when the stakes are higher than your average office pool? To answer this question, we created an interactive March Madness bracket with a twist. Our March Madness bracket uses data from Sports Insights to display the percentage of real bets each team is getting from seven real sportsbooks.

The teams highlighted in orange are receiving the majority of the bets for each matchup. Hover over the pie charts to see the actual percentage number for each matchup (all data based on spread-style bets).

Check back throughout the tournament as we will be updating the bracket every half hour. If you want to make your own bracket to see how you measure up, join our free Hoopism March Madness tournament on Yahoo.

Big thanks to Sports Insights for giving us access to their one-of-a-kind data. Check out their free betting trends pages to get betting percentages for all major US sports. You can also follow them on Twitter @sportsinsights (great for breaking sports injury news).

As always, reach out to us if you have an interesting idea for a collaboration, or some unique data you are willing to share. You can find us on Twitter @hoopisms or send us an e-mail at