#3×5 – Flickr quotation mashups


1. Sign up for a date slot here: http://bit.ly/purposed-3×5-signup (click ‘Edit’ at the bottom). You can upload your image whenever you like before that, but that’s when it will be featured on the Purpos/ed site.

2. Choose a quotation from someone’s post as part of the #500words campaign that someone else before you hasn’t chosen.

3. Find a Creative Commons-licensed image that you feel suits the quotation in some way. Try http://search.creativecommons.org (click on ‘Flickr’)

4. Download the image and use Powerpoint, Keynote, or an image-editing program (Picnik?) to add:

  • Quotation
  • Author
  • Image license details (e.g. CC BY-NC person)

5. Save it and then upload it to Flickr (basic accounts are free). Ensure you give your image a CC BY license.

6. Go to the Purpos/ed Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/purposeducation and add your image.