Woman and four children die in Georgia house fire and 10-year-old girl is hospitalized

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One woman and four young children have been killed in an early morning fire in a Georgia city about 30 miles southwest of Atlanta.

A spokesman for the state insurance commissioner says a call about the fire came in at 1:17 a.m. Saturday.

Glenn Allen says Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens has ruled the fire accidental.


Alonna T. McCrary was killed in the fire along with 5-year-old daughter Eriel McCrary and 2-year-old daughter Nikia White, while her eleven-year-old, Nautica, escaped


Alonna T. McCrary, 27, was killed in the fire along with four children


Emergency responders arrived to find three bodies in one room and two more in another

He says the origin was an electrical panel in the home's den area, possibly due to a faulty breaker.

A 911 call about the blaze came in at 1:16 a.m. and Newnan police were first on the scene with the Newnan Fire Department close behind, the Times-Herald reported.


'The house was fully involved by the time we arrived,' Battalion Chief Stephen Brown told reporters.


The fire has been ruled accidental by the insurance commissioner


An electrical panel in the home's den was likely the start of the fire


Buster Meadows, police chief for the Newnan Police Department, addresses reporters in the wake of the deadly inferno

Three of the bodies were in one room with two others in a separate room.

Allen says 27-year-old Alonna T. McCrary, 5-year-old daughter Eriel McCrary and 2-year-old daughter Nikia White were killed in the fire.

Three-year-old Messiah White and 2-year-old McKenzie Florence also died. Allen says the two were sleeping over at the home.

Alonna regularly gathered the girls at her house for weekend sleepovers.

As they had the same father but different mothers, she wanted them to grow up close to one another.


Alonna refused to leave without rescuing her girls


Authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the fire


A relative said McCrary always watched out for her girls and loved her children

Another daughter, 11-year-old Nautica McCrary, was taken to a hospital for smoke inhalation.

'I couldn't breathe. I was sleeping, but I couldn't breathe ... the dogs kept barking,' she said upon her release.

She went to find her mother but that Alonna was not in her room. Her mother had made it outside but  went back into the house to save the children.

'She just insisted she wasn’t going to let them babies go,' Roxanne Arnold told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 'That’s what I applaud her for. She was risking her own life to get the babies.'


Sisters Brandy McCrary, left, and Breona Montgomery, who are cousins of the five fatal house fire victims, hug neighbors Bonita Beasley, center, and Jennifer Moss, right, in Newnan


Family and neighbors expressed shock and sadness at the tragic end to five lives


Daughter Molly said she saw her mother go back into the house to attempt to rescue the other children

It was the last time she saw her mother.

A neighbor, Patrick Bolton, came to her window and told her to crawl out of the house.

'She always took care of her girls, she always made sure that the other sisters were together,' Shannon Arnold, a relative of the deceased, told WSB about Alonna. 'She just had so much love for all the girls.'


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Where was the father? Oh wait, I just say their photo. Nevermind

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It sounds like she was a lovely woman and I am particularly touched that she wanted her daughters and their half sisters to know one another. How unfortunate that it ended this way. God bless her and those girls. This is unbelievably sad.

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Smoke detectors? Sad.

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RIP. I'm sure they're in a better place. I hope the little girl recovers and can try to find happiness without her mom and sisters.

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How tragic. Checking the smoke and CO detector this evening.

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Sad story...Rest in Peace !

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how sad for her family and eldest daughter! What a kind woman to bring together her daughters with their sisters, so the girls would know each other. That is a truly generous person - not bringing her personal relationship with her ex into the mix, but allowing the girls to know their other family.

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so sad - RIP x

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