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Welcome to our Help and FAQ page. In this section you’ll find help with BERG Cloud, The Bridge and Little Printer. There’s information for Little Printer owners, and also help for developers and publishers who’d like to create content for the BERG Cloud Platform.

About Little Printer

What is Little Printer?
Little Printer is a smart printer for the home. It scours the Web on the owner’s behalf, assembling their interests into delightful, personalised miniature newspapers, printed only two inches across. If you’re a publisher, developer or website owner, the Little Printer publishing platform enables you to easily reach Little Printer owners in a direct, engaging way.

Buying a Little Printer

Can I buy a Little Printer?
Yes! We are taking orders at the BERG Cloud shop. We have one store for customers in UK and Europe, and another for US and Canada.
How much is Little Printer?
£169 GBP ($219 USD) plus shipping.
How much is shipping?
UK: £6.50 per printer
EU: £15 per printer
US/CAN: $30 USD per printer
Orders are shipped from the UK using recorded delivery. Recipients will be required to sign for delivery.
Is Little Printer available in my country?
Little Printer is currently available for purchase in the UK, EU, USA and Canada. Other countries will follow. Note: the EU only includes countries in the European Union, and does not include the following: Andorra, The Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Mount Athos, San Marino and Vatican City. We will be adding more destinations.
Can I check the status of my order?
Yes. Just check the relevant order status page. Before we can retrieve your order details, you’ll need your order number, the date you placed the order, and the e-mail address used when placing the order.
UK/EU Shop Order Status Page
US/CAN Shop Order Status Page
Can I cancel my order?
Get in touch with us, including your order number and the e-mail address you used when ordering Little Printer, and we’ll do the rest. If your Little Printer has already been despatched, you can send it back to us within seven days and receive a full refund (minus shipping costs).
I need to amend my shipping address
Just get in touch with us, including your order number and the e-mail address you used when ordering Little Printer, and we’ll revise your details.
What is your returns/guarantee policy?
Little Printer is guaranteed for six months from delivery from material defects. If you decide you’re not happy with Little Printer once it’s arrived, you have seven days grace in which to return it. For further details, please read our terms of sale.


What do I need?
Apart from Little Printer, you’ll also need an internet router with a spare Ethernet socket, an active connection to the internet, and a smartphone.
Why do I need a smartphone?
So you can register your Little Printer, enabling you to personalise it with your details and to manage the publications you subscribe to. Little Printer will work with iPhone, Android smartphones and Windows Phone. There’s no app to download.
Do I need a computer?
Will it hog my bandwidth?
No. Little Printer is a low-bandwidth technology.
Does Little Printer work with different voltages?
Yes — you won’t need any kind of transformer. Little Printer also comes with adapters for UK, US and EU sockets.

Set-up and Troubleshooting

Note: the first time you switch on a Bridge, it can take as long as 90 seconds seconds to connect to BERG Cloud and complete the set-up process. If the four lights haven’t come on inside two minutes, try again.

I’ve plugged in the Bridge, but the power light doesn’t come on.
1. Check your power socket by trying it with other devices.
2. If your power socket is OK, please contact with your order details.
I’ve plugged in the Bridge, but the ethernet light doesn’t come on.
1. Check that the ethernet cable is firmly plugged in, and that the ethernet socket you’re connecting to works OK. Switch it off few a seconds, then switch it back on.
2. If there’s still no ethernet light within a minute, please contact with your order number, and your router details.
I’ve plugged in the Bridge, and the ethernet light is flashing constantly.
Check that your router hasn’t run out of available IP addresses, and that your router allows new devices to be connected without registering them first. If your network requires a MAC address for new objects that connect to it, please follow these instructions:

1. If you have an Apple laptop or desktop, you can use an app called Bonjour Browser, downloadable from

Once it’s downloaded, if you run the program, you should see the BERG Cloud Bridge (if it’s plugged in!) listed under:

Local > Workgroup Manager → berg-cloud-bridge

The MAC address should be printed directly after the name, in square brackets. Mine says:

berg-cloud-bridge-p9tsmus5c [00:11:22:33:44:55]

2. If you have an iOS device, you can also download the free Bonjour Browser from

Similar to the above, if you tap on Workgroup Manager, inside that you should see an entry beginning with ‘berg-cloud-bridge’. Tap on that to find the MAC address listed at the top of the details screen.

3. If you’re using Windows, you can use this app, also called Bonjour Browser.

Run the app, and then scroll down in the main window until you get to entries which start with “workstation.tcp” and you’ll see an entry for the Bridge which looks like:

workstation.tcp (berg-cloud-bridge-suffix) [00:11:22:33:44:55]

The MAC address is in square brackets at the end.

I’ve plugged in the Bridge, but the upstream light doesn’t come on.
1. Power cycle the Bridge: switch it off, leave it for a few seconds, then switch it back on.
2. If that doesn’t work, check your firewall settings. If your firewall allows access to secure websites (those with an address beginning https://) it should work with Little Printer. We do not support connections made through a proxy server.
I’ve plugged in the Bridge, but the downstream light doesn’t come on.
1. Power cycle the Bridge: switch it off, leave it for a few seconds, then switch it back on. If this doesn’t work, please e-mail
I’ve plugged in the Bridge, and the downstream light is flashing.
This is normal, and signifies that your Bridge is ready to be paired with a device for the first time. Press the print button on Little Printer to receive your claim code! After initial set-up, this can also mean that the Bridge is out-of-range of the BERG Cloud device it is trying to connect to, or that that device is switched off.
I’ve plugged in the Bridge, and the downstream light is on constantly.
This is also normal, but signifies that your Bridge has a connection to one or more BERG Cloud devices. Carry on!
I’ve plugged in Little Printer, and the light doesn’t come on.
1. Check your power socket by testing other devices in the same socket.
2. If your power socket is OK, please contact with your order details
I’ve plugged in Little Printer, and the light is red.
This sounds like a paper problem. Check that the roll has been inserted correctly, pull it through and tear it off.
I’ve plugged in Little Printer, and the light is pulsing white.
Looking good. Press the button to print your claim code.
My claim code doesn’t print.
Check that the paper is inserted correctly, and try again. If you’ve moved Little Printer away from the Bridge, move it closer. You’ll be able to move it further away again once set-up has been completed.
I’m setting up Little Printer for the first time, and the paper is jamming.
Sometimes the paper spool can loosen up during transportation. Try removing the paper (instructions for opening up Little Printer to access the paper are below) and wrapping it a little tighter before putting it back.
I’ve set up Little Printer, and the paper slips or jams.
This is a known issue with a small number of printers, and we’re exploring various solutions. There are a number of variables that can affect printing, from paper stock to the design of publications to the humidity of the environment, and we’ll be implementing a fix as soon as we’re satisfied we’ve got everything working as it should. In the mean-time, we do have some known good stock available that we’re using an an interim solution. For more details, please read this blog post.
The magnets on Little Printer’s legs have become detached during shipping.
This is a known issue with a small number of printers, where the bonding agent used to attach the magnets isn’t strong enough. We recommend that you return your Little Printer to us so we can fix it (get in touch at with your order details, and we’ll provide instructions). It’s a very straightforward fix, and if you feel confident enough to attempt the job yourself we recommend using Loctite 454 or other strong adhesive (please read the instructions first). Fixing this yourself will, however, invalidate the warranty.
I’ve typed my claim code on the Remote web-app, but get an error message.
1. Check that you’re typed the correct code, and try again.
2. If that doesn’t work, check that the bridge is on and that the lights are lit correctly as detailed above.
3. If that doesn’t work, try moving Little Printer closer to the Bridge. You’ll be able to move it further away again once set-up has been completed.
How do I reset my Little Printer?
You can reset your Little Printer by opening up the paper compartment — instructions are below at — once you’ve removed the paper roll, you’ll see a small hole above the middle screw. Use a paperclip or similar to click the reset button, which is in this hole.
I’ve subscribed to several publications, but they didn’t arrive.
If you’ve set up a delivery featuring many different publications to arrive at the same time, try splitting them into smaller deliveries scheduled to arrive at different times.
If I don’t print a delivery, what happens?
Deliveries that don’t get printed are over-ridden by subsequent deliveries. So if you have a delivery scheduled for 7am and another for 8am, and you don’t print out the first, it will not appear if you print the second. However, you can print the 7am delivery on demand by logging into Remote and clicking the “Reprint” button next to that delivery in your activity feed.

The Bridge

What is the BERG Cloud Bridge? And why does Little Printer need one?
The Bridge enables Little Printer to connect directly to BERG Cloud. Because publications are created in our cloud on the Web, not in your front room, we can introduce new services for your Little Printer without the need for updates or a replacement product.
Where should the Bridge live in the home?
The Bridge needs to be attached to your internet router, using the supplied Ethernet cable.
Does Little Printer need to be next to the Bridge to work?
We recommend that you place the Bridge and Little Printer near each other for the initial set up. Once the two units are paired, you will be able to move Little Printer to other rooms in the house.
What do the different lights mean?
There’s a light confirming access to each of the following: your power source, the ethernet connection, your upstream connection to the web, and your downstream connection to Little Printer. Each will flash until the connection is confirmed.
I want to use Little Printer, and I’m behind a firewall. Is there anything I need to do?
The BERG Cloud bridge should not be affected by firewalls, as it uses the standard secure web browsing protocol (HTTPS) to communicate. As long as your firewall does not block access to secure websites, the Bridge will function correctly.
I’m setting up Little Printer for the first time, and the bottom light on the Bridge is still flashing
The bottom light on the Bridge indicates a bridgedevice connection. When it double flashes, this means it’s ready to talk to a device. The light will continue to flash until it has received the correct claim code for the printer from our remote website, so hit the “print” button on Little Printer, note your claim code, and continue with the set-up process. Once both ends have the same code, the Little Printer light goes off, and the Bridge light stays on permanently.
If I have more than one Little Printer do I need another Bridge?
No. One Bridge can connect multiple devices to the BERG Cloud.
Can I buy a Bridge by itself?
Not at the moment.
Does the Bridge work with different voltages?
Yes — you won’t need any kind of transformer. Little Printer also comes with adapters for UK, US and EU sockets


What is Remote?
Remote is a web app. You can access it via your smartphone to configure your BERG Cloud account, and to set up and manage your Little Printer subscriptions.
Does it work on any handset?
Remote is designed to work best on webkit-enabled mobile browsers. This means it will work with most modern smartphones, but it will degrade gracefully (and work!) in older browsers
Does it cost anything to send a direct message to Little Printer?

Sharing and Messaging

What is Little Printer sharing?
Sharing your Little Printer allows other people in your household to set up their own subscriptions — subscriptions that might be completely different to yours.
How do I share my Little Printer?
You can set up sharing in Remote. Click on the “Preferences” tab, then select the “Sharing your Little Printer” option. If you click the “Make New Share Code” button, an alpha-numeric code will be generated, which you can give to the person you want to share your Little Printer with. This will enable them to set up their own BERG Cloud account and subscribe to their own publications.
What happens if two people set up delivery for the same time?
Both subscriptions will be printed as a single delivery. If you want the two deliveries to be printed separately, you’ll need to choose different delivery times.
Can people sharing a printer subscribe to the same publications?
No. Each publication can be subscribed to just once per printer.
What is Little Printer messaging?
You can send messages to your Little Printer from Remote (these do not require scheduling or subscription, and print out immediately), and allow other people to do the same (like members of your household). Running late? Send your Little Printer a message telling whoever’s in the house to get the kettle on!
How do I send a message?
If you’re logged into Remote, click the yellow envelope icon (top right), pick the style of message you want to send, fill in the message field, and click “Send Message”.
How do I allow someone else to message my printer?
Log into Remote, click the “Preferences” tab, and select the “Friends allowed to send messages to Little Printer” option. Click the “Add Friend” button, type the e-mail address of the person you’d like to be able to message your Little Printer, then click “Add”. They’ll be sent an e-mail that allows them to set up a BERG Cloud account and send messages to your Little Printer.
Is there a difference between sharing your Little Printer, and allowing someone to message your Little Printer?
Yes. The former allows someone to set up their own subscriptions, to send messages, and to invite others to do the same. The latter allows messaging only.

Printing & Paper

What kind of ink does Little Printer use?
Little Printer doesn’t use any ink at all. It holds a compact thermal printer which uses heat to transfer an impression onto specially coated paper.
What kind of paper does Little Printer use
Little Printer uses thermal paper. You can use any thermal paper of the correct size size.
How wide are the paper rolls?
57.5mm (+/-0.5mm) — other widths are not compatible.
How long should Little Printer rolls be?
The standard length for rolls of paper compatible with Little Printer is 25 metres, 4.5cm in diameter.
How should I store the paper?
Thermochromic paper should be kept in a cool, dark place, well away from any moisture.
Doesn’t thermal paper contain BPA?
Not all thermal paper has BPA in the coating, and the paper supplied with Little Printer is BPA-free.
How long will the paper last?
We’ve designed deliveries to work comfortably at 10 to 12 inches in length. If you print a delivery once a day, a roll of paper could last you two and a half months. If you choose to print more publications – perhaps split into a morning and evening delivery – then the paper will last approximately six weeks.
How will I know when I’m running low on paper?
It depends on the brand you’re using, but most rolls include a visual mark on the paper that appears when you’re about to run out.
How do I add a new roll of paper to Little Printer?
It’s easy! See below.

Not clear? Watch the video.
Where can I buy Little Printer paper from?
We will be selling BPA-free paper rolls on this site, which we recommend. You can also buy paper stock from eBay, or from your local office supplier.
Isn’t printing things out a waste of paper?
Web-connected things are brilliant, but ‘connected to the web’ shouldn’t always mean ‘trapped behind a screen’. We love things in the physical world — and paper is great because you can carry it with you, share it, write on it or pin it to the wall.Printing really makes a statement, so Little Printer makes beautiful and concise deliveries: it prints out only what matters. That’s why publications have to be designed – Little Printer doesn’t print out entire activity feeds, and you can make an informed choice about the publications you receive.

BERG Cloud

What is BERG Cloud, and what does it do?
BERG Cloud is the world’s friendliest and most complete platform for connected products; secure, stable and extendable. It’s what we used to create Little Printer.

Now, whether you’re a maker or a product company, you can use BERG Cloud to prototype and produce your own connected products.

Read about our new Dev Kits, and get involved!

Little Printer Publications

What are publications?
Publications are individual pieces of subscription content — like a round-up of today’s news, or a recipe, or a picture of a cat. Some are delivered daily (like news services), others are weekly, and others only arrive when circumstances change (like publications that report public transport delays).

This is how you use them:

  • Browse the publications list and choose a publication you like
  • Set up a subscription for an hour of the day or night that suits you
  • On the allotted hour, the light on Little Printer will begin to pulse slowly, indicating your content has been collected and the delivery is ready
  • Press the button to print your publication

Each new hourly delivery will overwrite the previous one, so we recommend arranging for a few deliveries to arrive in the same hour, to create a mini newspaper.

Are Publications just ‘feeds’?
Not quite! Every publication is designed and developed with Little Printer in mind. Any content can be turned into a publication, from news headlines to puzzles, to-do lists, pictures and more.
How can my publication get involved?
The real joy of Little Printer is the content it delivers. We launched with a great group of partners, and we’ve bought many more publishers on board since then. We’re part of the developer community ourselves, and working with other developers and publishers is something that’s really important to us. The best place to start is by using our developer tools, which contain details of our publication API, a style-guide, and tools that enable you to start producing — and testing — publications for Little Printer.

Becoming a Little Printer distributor

I’m a distributor! Can we talk?
We’re not quite ready to speak with distributors, so if you email us at and include “distributor” in the subject, we’ll get in touch as soon as we’re ready to share our roadmap. However we are aware that some distributors and custom deployments have longer lead times because of their scale so if you’d like to speak about orders of 1,000+, get in touch and we can speak sooner.


I’m writing a piece about Little Printer — do you have any more details you can share?
These are a few links that you might find useful:- Little Printer Pre-sale announcement
Announcing the availability of Little Printer and introducing the Publishers’ Guide.- Little Printer Launch announcement
The original announcement about Little Printer and BERG Cloud.- A Newspaper For The Twitter Age: The Size Of A Sales Receipt, And Edited By You
A first look at Little Printer, written by John Pavlus, for Fast Company.- Big Idea Little Printer
An exclusive Q&A with Matt Webb, Principal and CEO of BERG, discussing Little Printer and BERG Cloud.

- About BERG
More about the company and the work it produces.

Can I get a high resolution image, for print?
Of course — we have a gallery of images for both print and Web.

About BERG

What is BERG?
BERG is a London-based design studio specialising in product invention, working with technology and media companies across Web, mobile, video and the Internet of Things.

• “Mag+” for Sweden-based media group Bonnier AB re-invents magazines for digital tablets, culminating in “Popular Science+” and a new publishing platform for the Apple iPad, acclaimed by Steve Jobs as ‘king of the hill.’

• “Making Future Magic,” a series of short films with Dentsu London, used a new photographic technique to light-paint letters in the air, and put forward a series of product concepts at the intersection of media and technology

• BERG’s own product development includes the design and sale of “Here & There,” a new map projection of Manhattan and exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art; and SVK (with Warren Ellis and Matt Brooker), a sci-fi detective comic printed in invisible ink.

More work can be found at, and biographies of the current members of the studio at

BERG has been profiled in Icon magazine and the International Herald Tribune, and in 2012 was named by Fast Company as one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies. The studio was established in 2006.

Declaration of Conformity

View Little Printer’s Declaration of Conformity to relevant safety requirements.