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The Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva

By on September 13, 2010

The Graduate institute of International studies was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1927. Better known as HEI, it was the earliest of the institutions in the world with only a singular purpose of international relations studies. It is, in fact, the oldest institution from Europe in this field.

At a beautiful location in a scenic park on the shores of Lake Geneva, William Rappard and Paul Mantoux set up ‘The Graduate Institute of international Studies.’ As of today, in its proper nomenclature, the institute is named the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). Both the institutes came together in 2007 only.

The purpose and mission of establishing the institute was to provide students across the world a unique opportunity of going for international studies; predominantly to be aware of the political, economic, social, judicial and historic aspects of international relations.

The Graduate Institute of International Studies has been highly successful in its mission. The institute owes a lot to the founding of Geneva city for its success. This prestigious institute stands in the vicinity of several international organizations, many multinational societies, a variety of think tanks and many more.

All these points coming together add to the practical traits of education at the Graduate Institute of international Studies. Such interfaces with international polity lifts the already superb standards of teaching, makes the research more authentic and add to the expertise of the institute.

These unusual advantages bring a kind of experience to the students that help them chart a career often related with international matters.

The institute considers its faculty as the most precious asset. There are fifty professors in the faculty who come from different nations and bring with them different academic specialties, knowledge and viewpoints of international relations and politics.

Students’ community at the institute is truly cosmopolitan and international. Almost two third of the students come from foreign countries. List of alumnae include people who are practically leading their chosen field. This envious list introduces heads of states, chiefs of numerous international bodies, prominent scholars, historians, best of law experts in the world, individuals manning important ministries in different countries and who not, it’s practically endless.

It is very obvious; the Graduate Institute of international Studies prepares students to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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