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Welcome to the Rona Preservation Trust

The Case for Support

  • Built in 1892 for Wellington merchant and benefactor, Alexander Turnbull, Rona is one of the finest surviving examples of a six-beam gaff rigged racing cutter.

  • Rona was designed in Scotland by one of the world's greatest yacht designers, G.L Watson, and constructed in Auckland from native kauri by master craftsman and designer, Robert Logan Senior.

  • Rona is an excellent example of nineteenth century racing yacht design, and is one of the few surviving examples remaining in the world today.
  • Rona has been restored to its original condition and maintained as a fully operational sailing vessel.
  • New Zealanders have always been in the forefront of yacht design and racing and this exciting sport continues to engage thousands of New Zealanders – from community sailing schools and yacht clubs, to international competitions.
  • The Rona Preservation Trust will make Rona accessible to the community through sailing events, maintenance and training days, and public open days. Moored on the Wellington waterfront, she will become an important heritage destination for New Zealanders and international visitors.
  • The Trust will work with other groups and institutions, including the Museum of Wellington City & Sea, and the Friends of the Turnbull Library, to promote the cultural and historical importance of Rona .
  • Rona is a precious part of New Zealand's maritime history and provides a unique opportunity to keep alive past sailing traditions and hand them on to future generations.





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