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“Do Jews Run Hollywood? – You Bet They Do…& What Of It?”

ben steinBy Dr. Patrick Slattery — As the audience of well knows, Dr. Duke frequently quotes a 2008 article by Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times called “How Jewish is Hollywood?” After 700 words of naming names, Joel Stein concludes by saying “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” Of course, Joel Stein was not the first Jew to brag openly about his tribe’s domination of Hollywood or any number of other important industries or fields of endevor. He was not even the first Stein to do so.

Eight years earlier Ben Stein wrote a very similar article titled “Do Jews Run Hollywood? – You Bet They Do…& What Of It?” Ben Stein is the son of one of President Nixon’s economic advisers  His father landed him a gig as a speech writer for the President. He later went on to Hollywood, working as everything from a lawyer to an actor. You might remember him from the 1990′s game show “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” Or as the monotone pitchman on the Visine TV commercials. Or his frequent appearances on CNN and Fox News to talk about politics, economy, or anything. Or even his voice role as the Head Pixie on the children’s cartoon Fairly Odd Parents. One thing that you can definitely say is that Ben Stein knows Hollywood.

His article originally appeared on sometime in 2000. For whatever reason by 2007 EOnline has taken it down, but not before many websites, particularly those that deal with issues of Jewish power, had reposted it.’s reposting of the full article from 2003 is still up, but it has vanished from mainstream websites. Ben Stein’s own site has a link to it, but the link is dead. However, the Wayback Machine, an internet archival service, has archived snapshots of it, so we can still see it in its original form.

Here are a few quotes from the article:

“First, it is extremely clear to anyone in Hollywood that Jews are, so to speak, “in charge” in Hollywood in a way that is not duplicated in any other large business, except maybe garments or scrap metal or folding boxes.”

Ben Stein goes on to list Jewish executives who run the major studies in much the same way as Joel Stein would do in his Los Angeles Times article eight years later.

“At mighty Paramount, the controlling stockholder is Sumner Redstone. Head of the studio is Jon Dolgen. Head of production is Sherry Lansing–all members of the tribe.

BenSteinAt titanic Disney, the CEO is Michael Eisner, the world’s most assimilated Jew, who might as well be a Presbyterian. Deputy head is Michael Ovitz, karate champ but also a Jew. Head of the studio is Joe Roth.

At newly energized ICM, the top dogs are Jeff Berg and Jim Wiatt. At still overwhelming CAA, Jack Rapke and other members of my faith predominate. At William Morris, Jon Burnham and other Jews are, by and large, in the power positions.”

Stein admits that his interest in the issue has to do with his own obsession with being Jewish: “But Jews are a big part of my thoughts (as they are of every Jew’s thoughts).”

Stein admits that historically Jews maintained control of Hollywood through nepotism and ethnic networking. However, he sees things as changing. Now, rather than family connections, what matters is what school one went to. He says that the road to the top in Hollywood today runs through the Ivy League!

“No longer do young men and women work their way up solely by being mailroom clerks or nephews of producers or offspring of men in the linen-supply business. The standard route to Hollywood now is through Harvard and Yale. Sitcom writers and producers, movie scriptwriters and producers now come from the Ivy League far more than from the streets of Brooklyn. Most of the writing staff of the powerhouse Seinfeld is from the Harvard Lampoon. So are many of the writers on Married…with Children, Friends and other stalwarts of the box. The route from Harvard Square to Hollywood is now hallowed by success and money.”

So Hollywood has become just as inclusive as the Ivy League. Listeners to Dr. Duke’s radio show know that for the past couple of weeks we have been thoroughly going over the preponderance of evidence that Jews have gained control over the Ivy League Universities and now extend incredible favoritism towards other Jews while massively discriminating against European Americans in particular. In fact, even after controlling for qualifications, Jews are fully 15 times more likely to be admitted to Harvard than non-Jewish whites of greater ability, and its the same story for the other Ivy League yeshivas. However, those Europeans Americans who do get in are more than six times more likely than their Jewish classmates to meet the rigorous elite academic requirements for admission to Phi Beta Kappa. Ben Stein knew full well that Jews dominated the Ivy League, so saying that Jewish nepotism in Hollywood had given way to Ivy League meritocracy was a simple attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Ben Stein also tried another tact: to say that it doesn’t matter that Jews run Hollywood, because, after all, they are Americans just like you and me.

“But these Jews are in love with America. These are Jews who want to play polo, not davvinn in shul. These are Jews whose children play soccer and learn horseback riding in Malibu. These Jews, as soon as they have two million to rub together, buy farms in South Carolina (Joel Silver) or vast spreads in Colorado (Peter Guber).”

All they want is to ride horses in Malibu and buy ski chalets in the Rockies with their multi millions. Just like you and me. Regular Americans.

Interestingly, Ben Stein gives credit to the Jews for the 1930′s classic “Gone with the Wind.” This was a movie that, among other things, is remember for breaking a social taboo by having the movie’s hero utter the phrase “Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn.” It was scandalous in 1939 to use such language in public. But ever since the Jewish entertainment industry has been systematically chipping away at European Christian mores. Language has become progressively cruder, as has subject material. Now our daughters are encouraged to “keep up with the Kardashians” as they make pornographic videos and engage in all types of depravity.

Stein credits Hollywood for creating the “perfect American family.”

“Where does the idea come from of the perfect American family, occasionally quarreling mildly but ultimately working it all out in love and affection? From Ozzie and Harriet and Leave It to Beaver and I Love Lucy, with their largely Jewish writers and producers.”

The fact is that this stereotype of the American family was one that Hollywood inherited from the predecessors of movies and television, namely the book industry. Popular novels such as the Hardy Boys series featured likable teenagers who respected and obeyed their parents. Leave it to Beaver was a starting point, and over the decades the stereotype was torn apart. But that will be the subject of a future article.

Getting back to the dangling question in Ben Stein’s article “Do Jews Run Hollywood? – You Bet They Do…& What Of It?”, I would have to say plenty of it. Many of the Jews who built Hollywood were associated with crime syndicates. Jews were able to dominate the television and radio industries only because the government gave them a monopoly over the public property of the airwaves. And despite everything Ben Stein wants us to believe, Jews have wielded their ill-gotten media power in a way that is subversive and alien and sinister.


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