Systemic= spread throughout, system-wide, affecting a group or system such as a body, mind, spirit, etc...
Vitality= exuberant physical strength or mental vigor; power to live or grow


Why think systemically?

Humans are a lot like trees. If the soil (nourishment) is bad, the roots (Organs/Insides) suffer, and inevitably, the tree (human) suffers. It can take years for soil and root problems to manifest on the visible tree. Picture this: A beautiful tree in your backyard stands tall and strong for as long as you can remember. Unfortunately, one day, the farmer up the street begins using pesticides, and the runoff is making its way into your soil. The edaphon (a complex of small living organisms in the soil), which is home to about 600 million microorganisms per quarter teaspoon, becomes infertile, because of the estrogenic pesticides from the runoff. Now, the populations of microorganisms in the edaphon are dessimated, and the roots cannot acquire sufficient nutrients from the microorganisms, which feed them. This invariably goes on for years, while the beautiful tree stands tall, until one day, you notice that no more leaves grow on any of the branches of the once beautiful tree. The bark looks pale, and lifeless, and you begin to see sections of the tree starting to rot. Your tree is certainly on it's way out. In this case, a subtle problem, initially not visible to the naked eye, is killing the tree.

If we think of humans, like we think of trees, we can realize that the health of the individual cannot be determined by his/her exterior appearance. Like the sickly, malnourished, and dysfunctional roots of the hypothetical tree in your backyard, our body systems and organs can be sickly, malnourished, and dysfunctional, with or without any visible or noticeable symptoms. This damage can perpetuate for years until, uh oh, our skin seems like its decaying like the bark of a dying tree, and our vitality and strength are compromised.

The body is not just a collection of isolated parts, or organs, but a fully integrated system, which functions systemically. Organs and tissues rely and depend on other organs and tissues for nutrients, electrical gradients, hormones, etc. It's impossible to ingest food, supplements, pharmacological drugs, etc, without effecting the entire body. Food, drugs and supplements, do not simply have isolated effects. This fact can be either good or bad, given the context, situation, and type of food, supplement, or drug ingested. The contemporary practice of treating an individual with pharmacological agents, which supposedly only deals with a single organ or tissue, is outdated. With the proper internal and external environment, the individual will self-heal, utilizing intrinsic processes, as a system. Keeping the system in mind, things become a bit more complex, but also a tad bit easier to comprehend.


What's in it for you???

 Authentic vitality is felt when all systems are running smoothly. I believe that everyone deserves to understand this concept, learn a little physiology (it's not that scary), take charge of their health, and thrive with systemic vitality EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!

My site will:

  • Provide sound research, broken down in such a way that's easy for the common person to understand.
  • Describe the important processes that absolutely must be understood in order to take charge of your health. 
  • Offer guides, which help you get back on track faster than ever.
  • Keep an updated blog with my most recent findings and experiences.
  • Have in-depth, but easy to follow articles.

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