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Robert Block - The Fall of Srebrenica (The Independent)

Rod Nordland - "Death of a Village" (Newsweek)

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ITN Channel Four News - "War Crimes in Bosnia"

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"Delta Force" (Catma Films for Channel Four)

BBC Radio 4 - 'Out of the Fire'

Theodore Liasi - Land mine victim in Kabul

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Winner - ITN Channel 4 News for 'War Crimes in Bosnia'

War Crimes in Bosnia
News Team: Jane Bennet-Powell
Nik Gowing
Peter Morgan
Gaby Rado
Alex Thomson
ITN Channel Four News

Refugees being expelled from Srebrenica by the Bosnian Serbs

Voice Over: The afternoon of Thursday 13th of July - the camera catches a Serb soldier, in the black T-shirt, separating Muslim men from women and children near the UN base of Potocari.

But the Serbian cameraman was not the only person watching the actions of the Bosnian Serbs. These forced deportations were also witnessed by Dutch soldiers; there to protect a UN "safe area".

Other Dutch peace-keepers saw evidence of summary executions. The question which torments their minds: whether they could have done more to save the people of Srebrenica.

War Crimes in Bosnia - Refugees: 2.1MB

Voice Over: This week the local military police escorted us as we filmed at these sites again. Six months on from the forced evacuation there was no attempt made to prevent us photograhing the place where, in the heart of the UN base, eyewitnesses alleged that they saw Muslim men lined up and shot by Serb soldiers.

War Crimes in Bosnia - Six months on: 1.4MB

A wall near Potocari, pockmarked with bullet holes - reportedly from a mass execution of Muslim men by Serb soldiers.

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