3-year plan

The Sage, Gateshead

This building is The Sage in Gateshead, North-East England. It’s a spectacular conference venue: its main auditorium holds 1,600 people.

That’s not big enough.

How about several venues all this size all full of people debating the purpose of education. How about if that was the run up to an election? How about if the people forced the political agenda to be about the purpose(s) of education?

Our vision

We want to build a movement around a debate: What’s the purpose of education?

There will be 3 stages to this:

Initiation – this will be mainly online in the first year with a series of small ‘Barcamp’-style meetings.

Growth – the number of meetings and the amount of discussion will grow in the second year.

Limelight – in the third year the number of people publicly debating the purpose(s) of education will be so large it will be impossible to ignore.