Purpos/ed Oxford: Hacking Education (SPONSORSHIP needed!)

On Saturday 19th November a diverse mix of educators, parents, representatives of businesses, activists, and other interested parties will descend on Oxford University for Purpos/ed Oxford: Hacking Education (#hackinged).

The event is an exciting one for us for three reasons:

  1. It’s our second opportunity (after #purposedpsi at Sheffield Hallam University in May) to bring together people to discuss and debate the purpose(s) of education in a physical location.
  2. We’ll have with us Professor Keri Facer, who inspired Purpos/ed, with us in person on the day to set out her vision for the future of education.
  3. Eylan Ezekiel, inspired by Purpos/ed to set about setting up a Free School in Oxford, is part of the planning process.

We know that #hackinged is going to be a fascinating day of discussion, debate and activism. Ticket prices have been set to (just!) cover the basic cost of the venue, which is why we need YOUR help. Last time, we had several sponsors who stepped up to add value to the event through sponsoring wifi, delegate packs and the like.

If you or your organization/business can sponsor – anything from £1 to £1,000 – we’d like to hear from you. We’ve had a couple of individuals and organisations say they’re interested, but nothing concrete yet! Sponsorship of any amount will guarantee that your name or logo will appear in the delegate packs and thanked in front of delegates on the day.

Can you help? Great! Email us: countmein@purposed.org.uk

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