#purposedassess – a roundup


To keep things ticking over during August we ran #purposedassess, asking the central question What’s the purpose of assessment?

We started off on Google+ but our account was deactivated as they’re only taking ‘real’ people (i.e. not organisations) at the moment. That was no great loss as Google+ wasn’t the best place for a debate anyway.

Moving to Quora in the second week we asked How should we assess people in educational contexts? which elicited some very interesting replies. Sticking with Quora for the third week we linked with Doug’s #openbadges semester of learning by asking the question Are ‘Open Badges’ the future of educational assessment? This was not as popular question as the previous week’s question.

Finally, we asked for 500 words on What’s the purpose of assessment? to which we’ve currently got a few replies. It would be great if we could add a couple more!

We’re currently planning the next Purpos/ed event with Eylan Ezekiel, who was prompted into action by Purpos/ed and hopes to open a Free School called ONschool. The next event is probably going to be on Saturday 19th November in Oxford, but we’ll keep you posted!

(oh, and if you missed it, Purpos/ed is now a Co-operative Community Interest Company!)


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