Purpos/ed is (finally) a Co-operative Community Interest Company!

Doug and Andy are delighted to announce that after much negotiation and explorative work, Purpos/ed is now registered as a Co-operative Community Interest Company! We’d like to express our thanks to Kevin Marquis of Sunderland SES for guiding us through the process. Our Company Number is: 07739279

Why did you do this?

We’re serious about provoking and sustaining a national, and even international, debate about the purpose(s) of education. To do so costs money which Doug and Andy, as Kickstarters, need process and disburse. Having separate business accounts keeps things transparent.

Having a clear structure also allows for people to step up and take more responsibility as Purpos/ed grows. We’d really like to get people to make a commitment to Purpos/ed going forward, so stay tuned for ways you can get involved!

What’s a Co-operative Community Interest Company?

There’s actually two elements to this:

Co-operative – an “autonomous associations of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through [a] jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.”

Community Interest Company - “a new type of company introduced by the United Kingdom government in 2005… designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good.” CICs “work for community benefit with the relative freedom of the non-charitable company form to identify and adapt to circumstances, but with a clear assurance of not-for-profit distribution status”. Most importantly for Purpos/ed, CICs have an ‘asset lock’ meaning that if and when Purpos/ed no longer exists, assets can only be transferred to another organisation with an asset lock. This means that no individausl can benefit through the sale of resources that have been produced by the wider community.

What’s next?

We’re in the early stages of planning the next Purpos/ed event for November with Eylan Ezekiel who’s working to setup ONSchool in Oxford. In addition, Tom Barrett has mooted a #purposedassess-focused meetup in Nottingham sometime in September.

What would you like to see? How would you like to get involved?

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