Eric Dietz :: The Photographer

I suppose it really all started when I started working for a photo shop a few years ago. I was developing
film and selling cameras... which meant I had to learn about these things whether I wanted to or not.
So I did. Then I took the next big step and got a camera myself.
A Minolta X700, with 50 MM lens, 70-210 MM Sigma Zoom lens, some flashes, tripods, and so forth. It was
the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life.

First I started photographing people. I did some senior photos, and various other types of photos. Then
I learned some things from my Grandfather, who was at one time a photographer for National Geographic,
and started photographing nature. This is where I found a great deal of beauty in the world. But I was
more interested in making it into an art form, so I started photographing all sorts of strange things,
from ordinary rooms, taken at odd angles, such as the upper corner of the ceiling with a wide angle lens,
to double exposures of things I'd find lying in the road.

Now I, from time to time, partake in professional photography. Weddings and such mostly. But I have also
become interested in Cinematography, and am now working with a number of other people on a film about...
well I don't really know what it's about, but it is pretty interesting.

For examples of my work just look around my site.. all the photography is done by me.

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