Well, it turns out that there are othere sites besides mine which are worth going to. Here's a list of all of them:

kalpulli.net - the kalpulli turtle island online community, an initiative spearheaded by Ray Tricomo
halfdiminished.com - the official website of my band (players needed!), half diminished, of which I am a keyboardist
thgie.net - Yet another random domain I own (ten.eight backwards)
neomythicalchemy.blogspot.com - the neo-mythic alchemy blog of Mark Bailey, very interesting
zordiac.com - interesting personal webpage of Nick Bott, with lots of distractions
zuchinis.net - home page of my friend Steve and his group Crappier Software
xevion.net - the server that hosts this website (they're darn good)
stonedworld.net - a site that postulates what it might be like if the world was stoned
chaoticutopia.com - Web Page of Karmen Franklin - writer, poet, chaos explorer
cubex - my sourceforge rubik page
QWERTY - um, my "other" webpage, where I never organize anything and vent insanity.
maddox - the self-appointed best page in the universe
Matt's Rubik page - instructions for rubik's cube and related puzzles
downhillbattle.org/itunes - Apple sucks! iTunes for Windows sucks! Steve Jobs is no better than Bill Gates!
the f-- society - well,.. yeah...
becca.wrongway.org - Rebecca's home page!
pressthe.wrongway.org - The journalistic musings of a good friend...
authornet.net - My mother's webpage (pester her to update it!)

Link to me!!!!!
Here's are graphics and html if you need help:

<a href="http://www.wrongway.org/"><img src="http://www.wrongway.org/wrongway.gif" border="0"></a>

<a href="http://www.wrongway.org/"><img src="http://www.wrongway.org/wrongway1.gif" border="0"></a>

I'll link you!!!
Do you have a webpage that is rockin the roof off this houze? If so, let me know - I always enjoy endorsing the works of otherwise not-well-known up-and-comer types. So...

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- toon: Ra
- toon: Energon
- piano recordings
- web radio
.coding projects.
- unix & c lessons
- mandelbrot viewer
- gravity sim
- ircd mods
- politics page
- poetry/opinions
- concentration camps
.the author.
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