Eric Dietz :: The Programmer

I started programming back in 1995, at the age of 12. My teacher insisted that I not be spoiled with
(what was then) modern "user-friendly" technology, so he made me program in BASICA on a Compaq Portable II

Later, for my 13th birthday, I got a Dell 486, and started my career in QBasic, and Turbo C++ for DOS.
In 7th grade, I won the Murray Jr. High School Science Fair Competition, with a program I wrote which
evaluated a number of news articles, and determined which letters of the alphabet were most commonly
used, as well as how this pertains to the arrangement of letters on the "qwerty" keyboard and therefore
how most typers were likely to poise their hands.
It turns out the most used letter was 'A,' followed by 'S,' according to the samples I had.

I progressed from primarily database programming, to heavy graphics programming, some time around the
beginning of my Junior year in high school, and eventually started writing a double-buffered VGA
256-color graphic library later that year. This is employed in a program I wrote called Vektor (shown below).

Now, I am working primarily in Visual C++ .net, and GNU C++, and my current time-consuming project is to make a CGI and Java (web-based) chess server and client programs for online chess
(I finished my last project of a Rubik's Cube Solver! (screenshot))

Here is a list of some of the examples of my work -
Vektor - 3D programming demo - vektor.zip
Minesweeper - my take on the classic Minesweeper game - mines.zip
Cubex - my CGI rubik's cube solver (and first big C++ program) - cubex.zip
Kubix - Rubik's Cube Algorithm - kubix.zip
Rotate - my attempt at 3d shading (written at the age of 15) - rotate.zip

fezdns - a dynamic dns client for linux written in bash with very few dependencies - fezdns.gz

More to come later!

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