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Crafting The South Park RPG

Feargus Urquhart loves RPGs. As the lead designer on Fallout 2 and one of the founders of RPG-centric Obsidian Entertainment, Urquhart and the rest of the team are not approaching South Park: The Game as a simple licensed title. A lot of thought is going into the challenge of creating a light-hearted experience that's enjoyable for fans of the show but also appeals to fans of Obsidian's deep RPG heritage. We spoke with the CEO of Obsidian Entertainment about how the South Park project began, working with the wildly creative minds of South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and how the team at Obsidian is approaching the opportunity to create a massive 2D RPG based on one of the most successful animated shows in history.

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  • Obsidian and South Park....consider me intrigued.
  • *** startin to sound beter since its stayin 2D
  • After hearing what Feargus was saying, this could end up being one of the best RPGs out there.
  • cant imagine depth being in south park, especially when it comes to loot or equipment, not sure how they can keep it expansive
  • "It needs children dying..." Go on...
  • I used to make south park games. Then I took an arrow to the knee....
  • Awesome. can't wait to see how the game turns out

  • Very interested in the new cover story. I'm just trying to imagine how the game looks. So it's suppose to be 2D? Hmm, can't wait to read the new issue.
  • Ugh, 2D RPG? Man, I'm bummed about that. There are way too many 2D RPG's out there. They've exploded recently. I've played way too many of them and I really can't bring myself to play another one, even one based on South Park.

    Especially after playing the awesome Skyrim, I'm going to have to take a few years off of 2D RPG's. Same goes for 2D platformers. We get it, they are easy to make. Enough already, try something new. We've been playing these games since the NES and they haven't changed a bit and most of it is because of how 2D limits them.

    This has nothing to do about graphics, it has to do with the stale nature of 2D RPG's.
  • Not a big fan of the show... but I'm very intrigued.
  • i thik in the end this could turn out intriguing but i only got ot watch the first 3 min cause my computer is messing up

  • This is starting to sound like a very good south park game, can't wait to see some actual gameplay but other than that sounds good.

  • I hope "Lots of swearing and children dying!" will be their advertising slogan.
  • I love South Park, but when it comes down to it, the most important thing is always gameplay. If they can make the game fun to play, then everything else should fall into place behind it.
  • 2D makes perfect sense, but this is Obsidian they've never disappointed me to date with their game design at least.
  • This game sounds so awesome, I'm so thrilled!

  • Although I'm still incredibly excited for a full retail Southpark game, especially an in depth rpg, I'm a little sad it isn't 1st person 3D. Its how I first imagined it in my head last week.  However, they could not have achieved the definitive South Park look if they went this direction.

  • I'm honestly not expecting much from this game.

  • I see headlines for this game...and one word comes to mind... "WHY!!!!" This show is no longer socially that relevant...My prediction...game will bomb.
  • My biggest fear has been dispelled, I was afraid that this was going to be 3D. To hear that it's 2D is great. I'm still on the fence, but I'm more open to it.

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