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When most of Latvia's Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, a rich tapestry of Jewish life was destroyed. Jewish life in Latvia continues today and is being renewed with assistance from abroad. Here are ways to support these efforts.



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The Jewish Survivors of Latvia provides support to Jewish causes in Latvia including Holocaust survivors and the hungry. The organization also has helped fund the construction of memorials, such as the new Rumbula Forest Memorial.

Membership is $25/year and is open to survivors and their descendants who - in fact - are also survivors of the Holocaust in Latvia. For more information please contact Steven Springfield.

Contributions are tax deductible and may be sent to:

Steven Springfield, President
Jewish Survivors of Latvia, Inc.
74 Short Way
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
Telephone: 516-625-0210

JSLA held its 4th reunion in Latvia in spring of 2004 and holds a meeting and memorial service in New York each fall.

 Virtual tour of the November 2006 Jewish Survivors of Latvia Association annual memorial service and meeting.



Photo courtesy of Bikur Holim Hospital

Bikur Holim Hospital reports that improvements to the hospital are funded with contributions from abroad.

Bikur Holim Hospital
Maskavas iela 122/128
Riga, LV1003
Phone: 7144514   Fax: 7144564
e-mail: or



The Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel maintains an archive of photos, books, monographs and newspapers established after WWII at The Educational Regional Centre Shfaim in Israel. It also provides services for Latvian Jews in Israel and helps support Jewish Latvia.

More information:

Etzleinu — Bulletin of the Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel

Fall 2007
English (abridged, 2.6 MB)
Hebrew and Russian (unabridged, 6.5 MB)
Winter 2008
Hebrew & Russian; Small amounts in English (unabridged, 5.4 MB)



Latvian Holocaust Jewish Names Project
Documenting The Names of Those Who Perished in Latvia

The 1935 Latvian census identified 93,479 Jews living in Latvia. It is estimated that about 70,000 Latvian Jews perished in the Holocaust, the great majority by December 1941. The totality and speed with which this mass murder was achieved meant that many families were completely destroyed with no one left to mourn or even inquire about the dead. As a result, disturbingly few of those killed have been identified. Until now approximately 70 per cent of the Holocaust victims of Latvia remain unidentified.

The purpose of the Latvia Holocaust Jewish Names Project is to recover the names and identities of these members of the Latvian Jewish Community who perished and to ensure that their memory is preserved. The project is undertaken by the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia, Riga. Results of the names research is on the web at:

The project is not yet finished, many columns of the personal cards are still empty and the fate of many Latvian Jews still has to be established. If the fate of a family member or friend is not stated, you are encouraged to share information about their fate with the names project, at the email address on their web site.

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