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 Articles and Documents


Please note, at the request of the Will Tracy , his articles have been removed from our web site. If you would like to read his articles please visit his web site by following this link:   Will Tracys Kenpo Karate Web Site

Bruce Lee Article by Tom Bleeker 1979 - Submitted by Tom Bleeker (Note: Larger PDF file and it will take a moment to load)

Kenpo in Europe - Signature History

Hips and Kicking - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Photos of Al Tracys Shodan and Sandan diplomas - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Information on the ship that brought the Mother of James Mitose, Kiyoka Yoshida, to Hawaii in 1912. - From the collection of  Bjorn Larrson.

Nature and Modality of the Fighting Styles of the Five Animals of Kenpo - By Ted Sumner

Information on the Ship that brought James Mitose back to Hawaii- From the collection of Bjorn Larrson

Fighting Tactics of the Police, May 1997 Black Belt issue. - Jim Hanna

Mitoses advertisement for new students ! - From the Honolulu Advertiser 1942

Boxing , Breathing and Magic - By Jim Hanna ( The following article , written by Jim Hanna , was first published 
in the Feb 1982 issue of Inside Kung Fu.)

Ed Parker newspaper article 1957 - Submitted , with permission , from Tom Bleeker.

Ralph Castellano -While on vacation, Ted Sumner found this article about old friend Ralph Castellanos. Also on display is a signed photo.

Fusae Mitose Oshita - Application and Testimony for her application for Certificate of Hawaiian Birth. - Submitted by Ted Sumner.

Mitose Trial Transcripts - 7 pages - What he did to earn money.

Mitose Trial Transcripts - 10 pages - Regarding his early years in Japan.

Medical Examiner recommending of a revision of Mitoses sentence - Submitted by Ted Sumner.

Mitoses Passport Application - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Mitoses Trial summary - Probation Officers Report - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Mitoses Parents Decree of Divorce - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Mitose Social Security Application - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Article by Stefon Gawdun - Submitted by Bill Hansel

The Mental Approach to Multiple Attacker Situations - By  Matthew Mendillo

An Early 1950's article from Honolulu Newspaper - Submitted by Ted Sumner

An Autoeulogy by Bill Montereo Sr.  - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Mitose Military Record - Submitted by Ted Sumner

Mistose Death Certificate - Submitted by Ted Sumner.

Kosho Letter - submitted by Bill Hensel.

Kosho newsletter Vol2, No 1 1982 -  Bill Hensel has contributed this article.

Mitose Documents Installment Three - Submitted by Ted Sumner

William Chows application for a Birth Certificate and the Interview documents.- Submitted by Ted Sumner.

Mitose's Birth documents - Second Installment - Submitted by Ted Sumner.

Letter From Ed Parker to Bill Hensel - Posted by permission from Bill Hensel.

Mitose's Birth Certificate Application and Interview Documents - Submitted by Ted Sumner.

Mitose's Return from Japan (Scanned  Documents are now shown.) - by Ted Sumner

 Mitose and the Aikido Connection -  Professor Feliciano (Kimo)   Ferreira, 10th dan

  Sunset of the Samurai - Link to Article. 

  The Physics Of Combat - By Bill Hensel 

  Kenpo Karate Forms - By Steve Takatsuno ( From Black Belt Magazine)  

  Kenpo Cane - By Bill Hensel and Jim Coe 

  Ed Parker, The Blackbelted Mormon - From Black Belt Magazine 

  The Last Samurai - By Jim Hanna 

  Is it KENPO KARATE or KENPO JUJITSU?- by Anthony P. Janovich 

  Why Can't they Teach? - by Ted Sumner

 Secrets of the Kenpo Healing Arts - by Ted Sumner

 Nerve Strikes - by Ted Sumner 

 What is a Technique?- by Ted Sumner 

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