Daugavpils Jewish History

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Photo courtesy of Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel


 Dvinsk - from The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1901-06

The Jewish Community of Dvinsk (Daugavpils) - by Constance Whippman (following the database description, scroll down a few screens)

Dvinsk (Daugavpils) Postcard Photos

 Memories of the Days of My Childhood in Dvinsk - by Sarah Foner



A comprehensive Latvia History bibliography may be found at Jewishgen.org’s Latvia SIG page. These are selections from that page with abridged descriptions. Visit the link, above, for more information about each book and additional books on related topics.

Evrei v Daugavpilse : istoricheskie ocherk
[Translation: Jews in Daugavpils: Historical Essays.]
Redkollegiia L.M. Tsilevich (redaktor), B.Z. Volkovich, A.TS. Fishil'.
Daugavpils : Daugavpilsskaia evreiskaia obshchina, 1993.

The best book about Jews in Daugavpils (Dunaburg/Dvinsk).



Jewish Latvia (Dvinsk, Riga, others) Videos



Dvinsk (Daugavpils) Before WW II Virtual Tour
Photos of leaders, synagogues, youth and school children from a Jewish world that once was in Dvinsk. Photos courtesy of the Association of Lativan and Estonian Jews in Israel. [These photos of photos will be replaced iwth better quality reproductions in the future.]

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