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Rumor: Obsidian's South Park RPG Has A New Name

If the game's page on Xbox.com is to be believed, the game is now called South Park: The Stick of Truth.

We haven't gotten an official announcement from Obsidian Entertainment, or the game's publisher THQ about a name change, but Microsoft's product page has a cover image with the new subtitle, so the new name definitely looks legitimate, at least.

We had the South Park game on our cover recently, and with it came a ton of additional coverage. Check it all out here.

Thanks to Daxter99 for the news tip!

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  • Hmmm.... I'm not sure what to think of the new title...

  • I'm sure they could think of a better title.
  • Lame......
  • Heh, what's wrong with the name? It's very South Park-y. I think it's pretty neat.
  • That title just doesn't seem right to me...

  • And a name change doesn't effect how I feel about this game....I still say this game should have come out 8 years ago when people actually cared about South Park. This game will be financial loss for Obsidian and that makes me sad because there has been reports of them having financial troubles.
  • i hope this game is a 100+ hour rpg.

  • I would prefer "South Park" or South Park: the game". I think the stick of truth sounds a tad awkward. Oh well, I am still looking forward to it Obsidian is a top-tier developer.
  • I would have much rather preferred the all-covering "South Park", but oh well. To each their own.

  • :|

  • can NOT wait for this one. hope it lives up to the possibilities.
  • The sword in the WOW episode was called the sword of a thousand truths. That's probably where their coming from with the Stick of Truth
  • i like the title sounds good.

  • sounds good for south park anyway

  • Sounds.....'clean'.
  • I think the title is suitable when considering Stone and Parker's sense of humor that shows through most the other aspects of the game we've seen so far. I typically steer clear of turn based RPGs, but I'm definitely picking this one up when it's out.

  • C'mon Kyle. I found this on the same page in 2 seconds:


    Why do you insert the thumbnail?
  • Despite the name the gameplay must remain the most important priority.

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