Huron Inn

By Ted Hodapp; 29 May 2005
Contra, Becket
Level: Easy/Intermediate

A1: Right and left through across the set (8)
Women chain across (to neighbor) (8)
A2: Women start right shoulder hey for four,
end in wavy line with left hands joined with neighbor (16)
B1: Balance the line, walk forward to the next line (8)
Balance new line, left hand turn new neighbor 1/2x, men turn by right hand 1/2x (8)
B2: Balance and swing partner (16)

Althogh common in a number of dances, I particularily like the Balance the line and walk forward. This is a fairly forgiving dance.

This dance was written at the Midwest Morris Ale in Lexington, MI on the shores of Lake Huron. It was written when the composer realized he had forgotten to bring his dance cards with him to the Ale, and needed a quick dance to call. Apologies to the composers of all of the other dances to which it may bear a striking resemblance.