Amy Absconds

By Ted Hodapp; 4 May 1994
Contra, duple-improper
Level: Intermediate

A1: In a wavy line of 4 (women in middle): balance right and left, and slide right (Rory O'More) (8)
Reform line of 4 (men now in the middle): balance left and right, and slide left (8)
A2: Right hand turn neighbor 1/2x, men pull by left across the set (4)
Swing partner (12)
B1: Promenade across the set with partner
Circle left 3/4x (now back in original places)
B2: Begin a grand chain up and down the line, pull by right with neighbor, left with the next and allemande right the third 1/2x to face back where you came from (6)
Chain back, pulling by right, and left and allemande right original neighbor 1/2x to end again in original places (6)
Pull by right and walk onto next couple and form next wavy line of 4 (4)

Most of this dance is pretty straightforward. The only tricky bit is getting people to chain quickly enough up and down the line in order to end up with enough time to advance to the next line of four. Providing a bit more prompting at this point is advisable. Also advisable is running the dancers through this sequence twice depending on experience level. This is the only point where things can go horribly wrong, as confused dancers can end up mixing up several groups here. Some caution is advised.

Written for Amy Jesaitis who absconded to New York with one of our favorite people (Peter Stix).

Originally published in Another Contra*Bution, a joint publication with Carol Ormand and Peter Stix (second in a series of three).