Toxic Massacre with comments from Dr. Russell Blaylock

by Suzanne Somers 12/17/2012 11:55:00 AM

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As the heartbreaking images of these beautiful children and heroic teachers emerge, we keep asking ourselves, "How could anyone plan and execute such a heinous act against innocent and helpless people?"  We'll never know for certain. We debate about access to guns, but the mental collapse precipitates the search for a lethal weapon.  How is this mental instability left unrecognized and untreated? And at what point does that person "snap" - and more importantly... WHAT made him snap?


I write and speak often of the dangers of toxins; that human beings are under the greatest environmental assault in the history of mankind.  In my book BREAKTHROUGH, written shortly following the Columbine tragedy, I interviewed renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Russell Blaylock, and asked him how this could have happened.  What he said has sadly come true with no end in sight. He said to expect more of these tragedies because toxins, be they from the poisons sprayed on our food, toxic cleaning products, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the over-vaccination of our children are affecting the chemistry of our brains. Young people's brains are not fully formed and are extremely susceptible to damage.


This is the elephant in the room. This is what no one wants to consider because it bites the hand that feeds big business.  I spoke to Dr. Blaylock this week in regards to his thoughts on the Newtown massacre.  I think his response is chilling and important.



Dr. Russell Blaylock:


This terrible tragedy is a reminder, or should be, that our society is populated by a growing number of adolescent and young adults who have serious mental disorders and psychopathology. The cause for such destructive events are numerous and a number of these factors interact, such as the use of certain psychotropic drugs in youth; a multigenerational culture of illegal drug abuse; exposure to a diet known to enhance criminal and psychopathic behavior; exposure to a number of environmental, neurodevelopmental toxic substances (such as fluoride, lead, mercury and aluminum), and exposure to far too many vaccinations. This murderous young man was known to suffer from Asperger's syndrome and possibly other psychopathologies.


Despite what the media and vaccine proponents are telling you, the excessive number and the manner in which these vaccines are being given causes an abnormal development of the brain and the human brain, especially the portions that control social behavior and are linked to violence, are not fully developed until age 21. This means that constant stimulation of the brain's immune system (the microglia) can lead to chronic brain inflammation and excitotoxicity, which has been strongly linked abnormal brain development and to a number of the serious psychiatric disorders.  In addition, the vaccines contain aluminum and some still contain mercury, and these metals also cause chronic brain inflammation. Lead is not only known to trigger brain inflammation, but also is strongly linked to violent behavior and suicide. Fluoride in the drinking water has been shown to increase one's exposure to lead. Many foods contain a number of excitotoxin additives, such as MSG, hydrolyzed proteins, caseinate, etc, and these are linked to chronic brain inflammation and abnormal development of the brain, which continues decades after birth.


There is evidence that the combination of dietary excitotoxin excess combined with exposure to vaccines can significantly worsen brain inflammation and hence, psychological and social disorders. It is ironic that the very government that is promoting gun control as a solution to a growing psychological problem, is the most ardent promoter of vaccinations, a poor diet, fluoridation of drinking water, and refuses to stop the adulteration of our foods with excitotoxin additives. Other factors are also at play, such as fluorinated medications (known to produce homicidal behaviors and suicides). There are a number of culprits in this terrible crime, yet most will remain free to continue the destruction of our youths' minds.


Best Regards,


Suzanne Somers

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