Hands off! Bale will stay for many years, says Spurs legend Mabbutt

By Paul Hirst, Press Association


Tottenham legened Gary Mabbutt is convinced Gareth Bale will shun Real Madrid this summer and remain at Spurs for many years to come.

Bale was the toast of English football again on Thursday when he picked up his Footballer of the Year award after topping a poll by the Football Writers' Association.

The accolade came less than two weeks after Bale's peers in the Professional Footballers' Association had voted the Welshman Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year thanks to his amazing 30-goal tally for club and country.

Why leave: Gary Mabbutt says that everything Gareth Bale could want is at Tottenham

Why leave: Gary Mabbutt says that everything Gareth Bale could want is at Tottenham

The Tottenham forward continues to be linked to Real Madrid and other big European clubs, who can offer him guaranteed Champions League football.

Upon collecting his FWA award, Bale spoke in glowing terms about his seven-year spell at White Hart Lane, affirming Mabbutt's opinion that the player is more than happy with life at the north London club.

'Everyone asks about Gareth Bale and his future, but let's look at the facts,' said Mabbutt, who played 611 times for Spurs.

'Gareth is 23, he is on an incredible salary, he will probably get a new contract in the summer, he has got a beautiful girlfriend, he has a lovely six-month-old daughter, every time he plays football he has a smile on his face, and he also swept the honours board this season.

'You look at that and you think: ''is he happy?'' I'd say he is. There is always speculation, but he signed a new four-year contract at the start of the season.

'All his comments on the stage at the FWA awards were about how much he is enjoying his football here. As far as I am concerned, he will be here for a long time.'

World class: Bale picked up trophies for PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year

World class: Bale picked up trophies for PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year

Bale paid tribute to Andre Villas-Boas when he collected his award at the London Lancaster hotel on Thursday evening.

The Tottenham manager returned the favour, praising his star forward while revealing that a tete-a-tete between the two helped Bale go on to produce the kind of scintillating form which has led to him being hailed as one of the best players on the planet.

Stay away from Spain: Mabbutt says that Bale would get nothing out of a move to Real Madrid

Stay away from Spain: Mabbutt says that Bale would get nothing out of a move to Real Madrid

Mabbutt, who now works as an ambassador for Tottenham, thinks Villas-Boas has developed a strong bond with his players after learning from his mistakes at Chelsea, where his sacking was put down, in part, to a lack of squad unity at Stamford Bridge.

'There is a lot of belief in the squad and there is a big team spirit there,' said Mabbutt, who was speaking at the Vauxhall Football Mash Up Roadshow.

'AVB has a great rapport, a great relationship with the players and that is showing in some of our performances.

'When AVB first came, people were saying that what he did wrong at Chelsea, he was going to do it again at Tottenham.

'But full credit to him - the relationship he has with the players has been great. He is a very intelligent, young manager, and he clearly is putting right the wrong things he did there.

'The players have got that strength together to pull through.'

Despite Mabbutt's optimism, Tottenham are no longer masters of their own destiny after their 2-2 draw at Chelsea left them one point behind Arsenal with two games left.

Spurs can put the pressure back on their neighbours tomorrow though when they play at Stoke - two days before the Gunners host Wigan.

'It's out of our hands now unfortunately,' Mabbutt said.

'But Arsenal have Wigan and Newcastle left, which I believe are two tough ties, and Chelsea have tough games against Villa and Everton.

'If we get two victories in our two games against Stoke and Sunderland, only one of the other two teams has to slip up on one occasion and we will be back into the top four.

'It's all to play for. I think it will go down to the wire.'



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Since Gareth Bale spoke about recent seasons, this season and prospects for the club he plays for, at Thursday's awards ceremony, why not quote him directly? Much the same goes for the comments Andre Villas Boas made why not quote him directly? The sort of comments they were quoted directly as making, would encourage and reassure many fans if given the chance to read them.

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It will simply come down to whether Spurs finish in the top 4 or not, no matter what any ex-player or anyone else says. If they don't, I can't see them keeping him, not this time. Doesn't matter how 'happy' a player is at a club, or how much money or anything else - footballers for the most part are hugely competitive and ambitious and its a simple fact that for the top players, Champions League football is not optional, its essential. No matter how much he loves the club, I can't see him being willing to miss out on it for a 3rd year in a row, not after the season he's just had.

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Spurs need to crack on with the new bigger stadium, ASAP.. We are punching way above our weight at the moment and need the extra income from a bigger stadium and new sponsorship to compete and win things. That is the only way we will keep players like Bale

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Dream on Gary, deluded like the rest of the Tottenham supporters, make the top four and he will stay another season, if not he will go to Madrid. He won't sign a new contract as he saw what happened to Modric, promised he could go and was then made to stay for another season, could have joined Chelsea who went on and won the champions league

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No chance, Bale is on his way to a big club - Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal - elsophia, berkshire, United Kingdom, 11/5/2013 17:32......what an imbecile! For a start of the clubs mentioned Man U are the only 'big' one. Unlike the Goons, we don't sell our best players to sides we're competing with in the PL. Not all about the money at our club

Click to rate     Rating   4

- Dougyfresh234, London, 11/5/2013 21:31....do you feel the need, as a plastic Goon, to comment on every Spurs article? You need to look at your pathetic life. How a Goon can comment on ambition when all your club has done for 8 years is fight for 4th place is beyond ironic. How many top players have your muggy mob held on to in recent seasons?

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Poor spurts. Gareth will be off in the summer to a big club.

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Heres what Spurs should do....keep BALE if possible, otherwise sell him to Bayern Munich. Sell Lennon to anyone daft enough to buy him...he is U S E L E S S . Buy Callum Mcmanaman from Wigan for 10m. That's a start!

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Bale paid tribute to villas boas for taking the team from a CL spot finishing team, downwards. Hahahahahahahah. Typical spud. Back patting for failure. Hahahahahahahah

Click to rate     Rating   5

Typical typical welsh spud. Happy winning NOTHING their whole lives. Enjoy. Hahahahahahahahaha

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