swing dance Picture Dancing dominates a good part of my life and I have been dancing and teaching dance for almost 30 years. My current favorites include cajun, zydeco, clogging, contra and Sword Dancing, but I still love English, Scandinavian, tap, Morris, and Swing. I perform with a number of dance groups including Cutting Edge (English Sword team in Washington DC) and the now defunct PedAntics. This is a foot percussion group located in the DC metropolitan area. Until I moved to DC I danced with a group called the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers (an Appalachian clogging group). On the traditional side I have and still intermitantly do dance with the Minnesota Traditional Morris Dancers (English Cotswold Morris), and several sword teams that I have directed including Vorpal Sword, an English rapper sword team, and Asworded Nuts, an English longsword group. In the past I have been a part of Hungarian, International, and English performing groups as well.

morris Picture I also teach and call contra dances, and hopefully I will get some of the dances I have written up on this site soon. Some of the dances I have composed have been published in a set of three books called (collectively) Contrabutions. These books, published with Carol Ormand and Peter Stix (two callers from this area) include some great dances. If you are interested in getting a copy of the most recent book, drop me an Email. They are also available through CDSS. I call with a number of bands. You can get booking information for them below in the Band-Link section. You can hear many of these at the Tapestry Folk Dance Center in Minneapolis. There is lots of great dancing there and a very inviting atmosphere.

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Some of the Twin Cities' Contra Dance Bands


contratopia Contratopia is one of the newest bands in the area. It features Eric Sessions on fiddle, John Goodin on Mandolin and Guitar, Pat O'Loughlin on banjo and concertina, and Patrice Pakiz on keyboard, oboe and percussion.

Contratopia now have three CDs!! For information on these contact John Goodin. John can also be contacted for booking information for the band. Here are some cuts from a local recording at a gig in Iowa. The first is a collection of original reels composed by John Goodin. The second is a slower tune written by Eric Sessions. The cuts are a few minutes long each.
note Whistling Britches, French Sneakers, and Maggie in the Rain.
note Oak Woods Song.

We will be touring again in November 2009. Check out their web site for the latest details.

    Argentine Tango

  • A large number of Links to Argentine Tango resources.

I have also written a few contra dances. Many of these are published in three books that I co-wrote with Peter Stix and Carol Ormand. Since these are hard to find, I have decided to start putting a few of my dances up on the web. Since this takes time, I wouldn't expect too many of these dances to appear anytime soon. Nevertheless, it does give me a reason to keep writing them, becuase then at least the web will know about them. If you like them, give me a shout sometime. Happy dancing!

Right where you Left it, That's Right
Open Wide
On Top of Your Game
Huron Inn
Magnetic Resonance
Amy Absconds
Forty fourth at last