BBC repeats 75% of daytime shows with one episode of Homes Under the Hammer shown three times in five days

  • A massive 14 BBC2 shows were repeats on Thursday
  • Just ten new programmes shown on BBC1 and BBC 2 - and four of those were news bulletins
  • Corporation says policy allows it to fund new programmes

By Daily Mail Reporter


BBC viewers could have been forgiven for feeling a sense of deja vu this week after it emerged a massive 75 per cent of the corporation's programmes were repeats.

On Thursday, 14 shows on BBC2 and six on BBC1 had been seen before.

Only 10 new programmes were screened on both channels, of which four were news bulletins.

Television programme : HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER.

Deja-vu: Ann Robinson on the The Weakest Link and Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander on Homes Under the Hammer. The shows were among the most repeated on the BBC this week, leading to criticism from viewers

Yesterday’s schedule was only slightly better with four re-runs on BBC1 and eight on BBC2.


Among the repeated shows broadcast this week were Coast, Animal Frontline, Saints and Scroungers, The Weakest Link and Great British Railway Journeys.


Animal Frontline

Homes Under the Hammer

Saints and Scroungers

The Weakest Link

Life in the Undergrowth

The Great British Bake-Off

The Hairy Bikers

Next Thursday is a similar story with eight repeats on BBC1 and 13 on BBC2. Daytime viewers will get to see only seven new shows.

It also emerged an episode of Homes Under the Hammer, first shown in February last year, was repeated three times in just five days last month.

The BBC’s new daytime controller, Damian Kavanagh, recently defended the corporation’s decision to air repeats.

He said in the Mirror: 'For us to continue to do the distinctive programming that we aspire to do, we have to play some repeats.'

He added: 'If we didn’t play any repeats, we wouldn’t be able to afford to do any original drama in the afternoons and we wouldn’t be able to afford to continue doing campaigning shows.'

Mr Kavanagh admitted a 'mistake was made' after the Homes Under The Hammer debacle and added: 'We will try and ensure that never happens again.

'I am happy to give a guarantee that we will leave a gap of at least six months between a repeat of any programme on the same channel.'

The Hairy Bikers was also among the most repeated BBC daytime shows

The Hairy Bikers was also among the most repeated BBC daytime shows

The BBC’s reliance on repeats is down to its money-saving plans after it was forced to freeze the annual licence fee at £145.50 until 2017.

Last July, the broadcaster’s annual report revealed 55% of all BBC2 shows were repeats – up from almost 50% the previous year.

BBC1’s re-run rate was 33.1%, compared to 32.5% the year before.

During peak time, 8.4% of BBC1 shows and 31% of BBC2 programmes are currently re-runs.

A BBC spokeswoman said: 'BBC2 now gives our audiences a chance to watch classic content including David Attenborough’s full collection.

'Repeats are often scheduled to reach different audiences and are rarely shown in the same slot.

'On BBC1, for example, over 91% of programmes in prime time have never been shown before.'


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I can't afford SKY, it's basic service is twice as much as BBC and has non stop adverts and loads of old repeated BBC shows. Can't quite understand why the rest of the World thinks we are lucky to have the BBC, while so many people seem whine about it. If the BBC goes, we will become like the USA, advertisements every four minutes. It is good that we have the BBC, it is also good for us and our kids to have a rest from all those adverts.

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I dont mind watching repeats as long as they are a couple of years old but usually they are just repeats of the last series which is stupid! I dont understand why Oprah doesnt show some of her older shows on her tv channel but all we keep getting are repeats of the last season! How dumb when she has 25 years of repeats that people would love to watch!

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Close this lefty beehive and stop TV licences.

Click to rate     Rating   6

cannonball , Bristol, 12/5/2013 21:56, you are buying the rights to watch your tv for whatever station. Can I tell ya those are just SPIN words, the only organisation that rakes in all the money for us to buy the rights to watch any station is the BBC, ALL 5 BILLION POUNDS OF IT, no other station is getting that money. 75% of that 5 billion is saved on repeats, now people have been sent to jail for not having a license, especially single parents who have been torn apart from their children (children in need indeed). Sorry the BBC shows a daytime programme called RIP OF BRITAIN, they are a FINE one to talk. RIP OFF BBC more like.

Click to rate     Rating   2

Demand a referendum on the TV licence from your Local MP. We do not owe the BBC a living.

Click to rate     Rating   12

The BBC are onto a good thing, and they know it. Homes Under the Hammer, Saturday Kitchen ad infinitum. Do you realise it has been exactly the same format, day after day for the past 4.5 years ? Time for a radical change. What about a Saturday morning film ? Even if the have to dig into the old B&W;`s - many of them were excellent.

Click to rate     Rating   10

Will these thick numpties learn - you aren't paying the BBC. YOU'RE BUYING THE RIGHT TO WATCH A TV - WHATEVER STATION. Once the government have thieved their wad, they dole out money to the BBC. Every country uses a similar system. In Germany EVERYONE HAS TO PAY whether they have a TV or not. So stop bloody whinging.

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A bit like DM stories then.

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"I love homes under the Hammer, It has one of the best format¿s an the two best presenters they could hope for, they make the show interesting I would love to meet both Martin and Lucy, It is good TV why they don¿t¿ keep making the program as its so popular I don¿t know its got to be cheap to make and interesting too. Come on BBC start to make some more homes under the Hammer for the fans who like it and it being cheap TV too. - Jim, leicester, United Kingdom, 11/5/2013 11:03" The show is well out of date! How about 'Homes under repossession' Thats going to be topical for the next 10 years

Click to rate     Rating   12

Cookery; reality rubbish; quiz shows; soaps; house hunting; antiques. Bloody mundane dross for the feeble minded. But, it's not just the BBC that feeds the population with this mind numbing crap.

Click to rate     Rating   21

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