So, whose hairdryer is the hottest? How a blast from Fergie and Moyes compares (and whose is like a scene from the film Alien!)

By Martha Kelner


Manchester United's present and future managers are both famed for their ability to dish out tongue-lashings. MARTHA KELNER investigates whose temper is the fieriest...

Fergie and Moyes

Sir Alex Ferguson
David Moyes

Sir Alex Ferguson - the original

Of all the motivational tricks up Sir Alex Ferguson's sleeve, none has ever topped the 'hairdryer'. It's the moment all players fear - and few who have experienced it at full blast would claim to have emerged from it unchanged.

Surprisingly, though, when former players talk of the moment when Ferguson turned his fury on them they recall it with both fear and fondness. Neale Cooper played under Ferguson for seven years at Aberdeen, making his first team debut at 16.

'If you came in at half-time and you hadn't played well, you'd be scared to look at him, you just stared at the floor,' he said. 'But the minute you raised your head and he caught your eye he'd be straight into you, right up close, screaming, "That's no good enough!" and you'd be terrified. It worked for me. It made me improve.'

Ferguson made Tony Fitzpatrick captain of St Mirren, his second club as manager, when Fitzpatrick was just 17.

'I was only on the end of his temper once. We'd won 5-1 but he wasn't happy,' said Fitzpatrick. 'He said, "We didn't win with enough style. I made the stupid error of opening my mouth and asking why we were in trouble when we'd won 5-1.

'He put me in my place and I still remember the effect. It was like that scene in Alien when the alien's right in Sigourney Weaver's face. it was horrible.

David Moyes - the new model

David Moyes began his coaching career at Preston North End, where former players recall his temper was as fiery as his red hair.

'David doesn't take any messing,' said Paul McKenna, now on loan at Fleetwood Town from Hull City. 'He rules the roost and there's an air of fear about him. He's a hard Glaswegian, he has that nasty side to him and he's not scared to show it.'

The Moyes approach to man-management is similar to Ferguson's. He is known to give players a tongue-lashing if they have not lived up to his expectations but he's happy to show his compassionate side, too. 'You knew when you were coming in at half-time that if you weren't doing it on the pitch he would shout and scream,' said McKenna. 'On the other hand if you were doing well, he'd tell you so.'

Kevin Kilbane says Moyes can be just as intimidating as Ferguson, 'David has got an industrial-strength temper. He has dished out rollickings to a lot of better players than I was, and he has done it on regular occasions. He can produce tirades that would match Fergie and take paint off the walls.'

Tim Howard is one of few players who can assess the heat of both the Moyes and Ferguson hairdryers, having played for both Everton and United. 'Ferguson didn't scare me particularly but, yeah, I got yelled at,' said Howard. 'Who's got the worst temper? Moyes is second to none. you never, ever want him to get mad!'



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A Football Manager thats Won it all Alex Ferguson ..........To a Football Manager thats Won Nothing David Moyes.............. Now thats Very-odd.

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I would like to submit this article for the award of the biggest time wasting piece of garbage published on the DM sports pages.

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I really dislike Tim Howard. Ever since his time wasting escapade at Old Trafford, I always enjoy seeing him beaten and looking useless.

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