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Craigslist Find: A Jet-Powered ‘67 Mustang

When we talk about fast and powerful cars, monikers like “turbo”, “power”, and “jet” are regularly used to try and sell the speed of these vehicles. Ford even produces a version of the Mustang called the Cobra Jet, invoking an image of a rocket-powered reptile. Yet for all the speed and torque of big-block V8s, can they stand up to the performance of a literal jet engine?

The “Krispy Kritter” as it is called is a car intended for serious buyers only, and can be found on the Pittsburgh Craigslist. With a 10,000 horsepower jet engine taking up almost the entire interior this classic 1967 Mustang, it is hard to imagine a more potent muscle car.

There are few details in the Craigslist ad, though rumor has it that the Kritter spent most of its life racing on the drag strips of Pennsylvania. The Mustang itself is almost entirely devoted to the Westinghouse J34 jet engine. While the jet engine produced around 3,000 lbs of thrust, it never really saw service as the engine was developed during a period of rapidly-advancing jet technology.

More than likely the builder of the Krispy Kritter picked the engine up on the cheap for this specific project. The seller claims that the Kritter has run as fast as 308 mph in the ¼ mile, a speed on par with the top fuel dragsters of today. But just one look at the cramped driver’s compartment hugging the massive jet engine tunnel has us thinking this is a better museum piece than, you know, something you’d want to drive.

While info on the Kritter is sparse, there are those who can still remember when this rocket car terrorized the streets.  Over at the Steel City Stangs forum a poster by the name of map351 relates how the Kritter allegedly only ran one time, going just 300 feet before crashing into a telephone pole. With no way to substantiate any of these claims, we’re left to take the Internet at its word. 

What there is no doubt of though is that this is an insane Mustang. If you want to make it yours, you can buy it for just $30,000. Is it worth it though? 



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