About us

Founded in 1980 we are a family run business specializing in the manufacture and production of natural (hog and sheep) sausage casings.

We both wholesale and retail our products to a wide range of customers; varying from the small independent high-street butcher to sausage manufacturers and numerous butchers' sundriesmen.

We do weekly and monthly delivery rounds covering the North of England, but would consider supplying other areas depending on volume.

All our raw material supplies are sourced from E.C. registered businesses, and we can confirm that we have full traceability of all our casings.

Please contact us with your enquiries or questions. We will do our best to help and be of service to you. We believe our quality and service are our silent salesman.



Unit 8 Manor Mills,
Leeds LS11 8DB.

Tel: 0113 2710039

Email: mail@otleycasings.co.uk