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Badass Public
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Are You Uncomfortable
Nursing Your Baby In Public?
Are You... Embarrassed?
...Afraid of Being Harassed?

You just want to feed your baby without dealing
with the scowling faces of annoyed onlookers,
rude comments, or pressure to cover up...
"Finally A Resource For All Moms Who
Want To Nurse Their Babies Wherever
and Whenever They Need To!"
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4 Practical Tips To Dealing With
The Gawking World...

How To Get Comfortable While
Nursing From The Clothes You
Wear to Where You Sit...

The Ins-and-Outs of
Breastfeeding While Babywearing

8 Ways To Engage Your Partner
In A Breastfeeding Discussion...

How To Neutralize Opinionated
Family Members...

Over 20 "Zingers" That You Can
Use Just In Case You're
Confronted About NIP...

A Summary of Laws Protecting
Breastfeeding in Public...

PLUS! Additional Resources To
Help Empower YOU!
"I breastfeed anytime, anywhere to normalize
nursing in public for moms and babies...
And my baby is hungry."
-Abby Theuring, Badass Breastfeeder