Back to homeschool: Must-have accessories for homeschoolers on the go

Homeschoolers on the go need to always have certain items on hand. But do you know what they are? If your homeschooling family is on the go like ours, it will make learning so much easier if you keep certain materials around. Whether you need materials to save the lesson for later, study while on the move, or create memories, my family's experiences may help.

A compact digital camera and camcorder adds to the lesson. Kids who are encouraged to film and take pictures of specific items and lessons can get a double lesson. It also serves as a great memory for later. We like to take pictures of the nature we view, places we go, as well as just fun moments that we have. This helps us recall the lessons we learned together as a homeschooling family. But it also gives us great family memories. Sometimes lessons happen when you least expect them. Always having a camera ready can help you capture those moments.

Never forget your library card at home. Even if you hadn't planned a trip to the library, it can come up at a moment's notice. Homeschoolers on the go often learn right at the library. But how many times have you been on a homeschool excursion and need to get a book to accent what you've learned? What if the library is closer to you than your house? Do you really want to go all the way back home, just for a library card? Never forget library cards for all family members. One trick I like to use is to place the library card (and other important cards) on an I.D. necklace or bracelet. This way, it's less difficult for everyone to forget theirs.

Collection slides and dishes are a must. Homescool outings to the lake or pond can produce some interesting results. The same can even be said for a drainage ditch, walking trail, and even just a city walk to the store. Specimen dishes and collection slides come in handy in many instances. Homeschoolers on the go should never leave home without them. Collecting specimens is just one more way of being able to continue the lesson at home. If you have a microscope, they come in handy even more. We've collected bugs, leaves, moss, pond water, and more all because we had some type of collection dish with us. Nature happens all around us.

A small laptop serves several purposes. Need a place to take notes? Perhaps you just showed the kids a certain dinosaur and need some follow up questions or activities? We've used the laptop to watch educational movies, research something relevant to the day's studies, and even to take notes. All of the above and more contribute to laptop being a must-have for homeschoolers on the go. Smaller notebook computers may be better than the full-sized versions, as they are more compact for easier traveling. Look for thinner, lightweight models, if you don't already have a small computer to use.

A fully charged cell phone keeps you prepared. Ever get lost on the way to a homeschool field trip? Don't have GPS? No problem. A charged cell phone that has Internet capabilities can help. Cell phones with GPS or even capabilities to visit Yahoo! or Google maps can be used to tell people where you are, as well as lead you to your destination. Then, of course, depending on where you are going, you may need to call and talk to that company. On the less cheery side of things, cell phones also come in handy if something goes wrong. Cell phones with cameras will also eliminate the need for a separate camera.

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