Ravi Kaushik

Dr. Ravi Kaushik

Ph. D. (2011), Computer Science, CUNY Graduate Center, New York

Currently working with the Risk R&D Capabilities team at American Express, WFC, NY.

Current/Prior Projects

  • Big Data analytics with structured and unstructured datasets (Text mining, complex network analytics) R, Python, Hadoop
  • Training datasets with Machine learning algorithms including clustering, neural net and classification algorithms
  • Full-fledged Software development (C++/Python) in Client-Server architecture for financial applications
  • Stochastic modeling and non-linear optimization
  • Implementation of Mode-based Histogram Morphology (MHM) algorithm, a noise removal technique for RGB-D frames.
  • Processing XML data in python
  • Curriculum Vitae

    Career Interests:

    • Data Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Non-linear optimization
    • Financial Software Engineering
    • Algorithm design and development