I have invented an artificial language called Ebubo. It is easy to learn because it is based on common stereotypes of modern human cultures. This HTML file is only 30 pages long and yet it contains a complete description of the language. Regardless of your mother tongue it will take you about a month to learn Ebubo. (It takes a year to learn Esperanto if you are not fluent in any European language.)

All words begin and end with a vowel. Numbers, colors, prepositions, pronouns, common adjectives, and common verbs are 3 letters long. Their meaning is fixed and listed in the following tables.

5-letter words and 7-letter words are coined by combining a vowel prefix with two or three syllables. For example, combining prefix u with syllable su (net) and syllable bi (animal) means "net animal" = spider.

7-letter words beginning with vowel-wu (XwuXXXX) are adjectives. 7-letter words beginning with vowel-wy (XwyXXXX) are verbs. Example: izewi = hope, iwuzewi = hopeful, iwyzewi = to hope.

All 5-letter words are nouns. 7-letter words which do not begin with vowel-wu or vowel-wy are also nouns. There is no official dictionary of the 5-letter words and the 7-letter words, so their meaning may be ambiguous. Ebubo is fun to play with. You can either pick up an English word and try to figure out its Ebubo equivalent, or you can coin a new Ebubo word and try to guess its meaning. The Ebubo language is NOT protected by copyright laws, so you are free to modify this web page and post it on your own web site.

Justin B. Rye contributed a few ideas to the Ebubo language.

Ebubo has a few flaws: there are few prepositions, the prefix table is complex, and the 7-letter adjectives and verbs have only two meaningful syllables. A new language called Ygyde has none of these flaws.

Andrew Nowicki, August 19, 2002

Ebubo's alphabet consists of 6 vowels: a e i o u y and 10 consonants: b p d g j l m s z w. Capital letters and adverbs do not exist. Word eba means end of sentence. Double eba means end of paragraph or thought. Written text looks better when ordinary full stops are used instead of eba.

a banana e bed 0 apa
i sleepy o all, saw 1 ape
u rule y milk 2 api
b baby p lip 3 apo
d elder g go 4 apu
j job l pool 5 apy
m mother s soon 6 ada
z zone w vivid 7 ade
. eba
(full stop)
. abawy
(octal point)

All words are divided into classes determined by vowel prefix and length of the word:

of word
a 3 Numerals, time periods, colors, and common materials are listed in the decimal, octal, time, and color tables.
a 5 Nouns are coined from syllables listed in the adjective table and the cause column of the noun table.
a 7 Names of objects and species, e.g., Milky Way Galaxy, Nile River, Minneapolis, Snow Goose. There are two exceptions: syllable wu means ordinary adjective and syllable wy means ordinary verb. wu (or wy) is always the first syllable and the rest is treated as ordinary 5-letter word.
e 3 Prepositions and pronouns are listed in the preposition and pronoun table.
e 5 Nouns are coined from syllables listed in the adjective table and the result column of the noun table.
e 7 Names of people and pets, e.g., Andrew Nowicki. One word means first name. Two words mean first and last name. There are two exceptions: syllable wu means ordinary adjective and syllable wy means ordinary verb. wu (or wy) is always the first syllable and the rest is treated as ordinary 5-letter word.
i 3 Adjectives are listed in the adjective table.
i 5 Nouns are coined from syllables listed in the cause and result columns of the noun table.
i 7 Nouns are coined from syllables listed in the adjective table and the cause and result columns of the noun table. There are two exceptions: syllable wu means adjective and syllable wy means verb. wu (or wy) is always the first syllable and the rest is treated as a 5-letter word.
o 3 Adjectives are listed in the adjective table.
o 5 Nouns are coined from syllables listed in the result and cause columns of the noun table.
o 7 Nouns are coined from two syllables isted in the adjective table and one syllable listed either in the cause or result column of the noun table. There are two exceptions: syllable wu means adjective and syllable wy means verb. wu (or wy) is always the first syllable and the rest is treated as a 5-letter word.
u 3 Verbs are listed in the adjective table.
u 5 Nouns are coined from two syllables listed in the cause column of the noun table.
u 7 Nouns are coined from two syllables listed in the cause column of the noun table and one syllable listed either in the adjective table or result column of the noun table. There are two exceptions: syllable wu means adjective and syllable wy means verb. wu (or wy) is always the first syllable and the rest is treated as a 5-letter word.
y 3 Verbs are listed in the adjective table.
y 5 Nouns are coined from two syllables listed in the result column of the noun table.
y 7 Nouns are coined from two syllables listed in the result column of the noun table and one syllable listed either in the adjective table or cause column of the noun table. There are two exceptions: syllable wu means adjective and syllable wy means verb. wu (or wy) is always the first syllable and the rest is treated as a 5-letter word.

Examples:       ibibe = animal food,       obebi = "food animal" = cow,       izagypu = "colorful angle light" = dispersion of light.

7-letter long words beginning with letters o, u and y seem ambiguous because they define two different words. This ambiguity is resolved by order of syllables taken from the same column. Forward syllable order means that the syllables are in alphabetical order, e.g., bebi. Backward syllable order means that the syllables are in reverse alphabetical order, e.g., bibe.

adjective table forward cause column of the noun table omowawe = "sexual feminine medical knowledge" = female gynecology
adjective table backward result column of the noun table owamowe = "feminine sexual medical substance" = contraceptive pill
cause column of the noun table forward adjective table uluwesy = "expert medical knowledge visual" = ophthalmologist
cause column of the noun table backward result column of the noun table uwelusy = "medical knowledge expert conflict" = disagreement between physicians
result column of the noun table forward adjective table ybubyze = "genetics disease stupid" = genetic mental retardation
result column of the noun table backward cause column of the noun table ybybuze = "disease genetics philosophy" = philosophy based on genetic diseases

If a 7-letter word begins with letter o and has two identical syllables taken from the adjective table, the two syllables have different meaning and the last syllable is taken either from the cause or result column of the noun table. For example, olulusa can mean either "old slow computer" or "old slow software." These words should not be used to avoid ambiguity.

A single word can be used to describe scientific name of a genus:
first syllable = kingdom and phylum
second syllable = class and order
third syllable = family and genus.
Two words are needed to describe a species.

Decimal system is best when Ebubo is used for translation. When Ebubo is used as a native language, octal system is better, because it is compatible with computers and has simpler multiplication table. The octal system does not have digit eight and digit nine. Our Sumerian units of time and medieval calendar should also be replaced with an octal system.

word meaning word meaning word meaning word meaning
aba 1/(10^12) abe 1/(10^9) aba 1/(8^12) abe 1/(8^9)
abi 1/(10^6) abo 1/(10^3) abi 1/(8^6) abo 1/(8^3)
abu 1/(10^2) aby 1/10 abu 1/(8^2) aby 1/8
apa 0 ape 1 apa 0 ape 1
api 2 apo 3 api 2 apo 3
apu 4 apy 5 apu 4 apy 5
ada 6 ade 7 ada 6 ade 7
adi 8 ado 9 adi 8 ado 16
adu 10 ady 100 adu 32 ady 8^2=64
aga 1000 age 10^6 aga 8^3 age 8^6
agi 10^9 ago 10^12 agi 8^9 ago 8^12

word meaning word meaning
agu did, past tense agy will, future tense
aja time, age, era, period aje never
aji seldom ajo often
aju always ajy eternity
ala early, ago ale late, in the future
ali second (unit of time), now, this second alo minute, now, this minute
alu hour, now, this hour aly time of day
ama date ame 24 hours
ami yesterday amo today
amu tomorrow amy week
asa month ase year

asi aly = "dark time of day" = night aso aly = "light time of day" = day time
idy ama = "cold date" = winter iga ama = "warm date" = summer
ilo ama = "young date" = spring ilu ama = "old date" = fall
idy asa = "cold month" = January ily asa = "asleep month" = February
ise asa = "dirty month" = March awa asa = "green month" = April
imo asa = "sexual month" = May aso asa = "light month" = June
iga asa = "warm month" = July imy asa = "idle month" = August
awi asa = "red month" = September awu asa = "yellow month" = October
igy asa = "sad month" = November asi asa = "dark month" = December
isa ama = "busy date" = Monday ide ama = "front date" = Tuesday
ipo ama = "middle date" = Wednesday idi ama = "back date" = Thursday
ija ama = "happy date" = Friday imi ama = "good date" = Saturday
imy ama = "idle date" = Sunday ale amy = "late week" = weekend
owu ase = "periodic year" = annual

Names of materials are derived from their colors.

color material
asi dark ebi asi soil
aso light ebi aso crystal, jewel
asu transparent ebi asu glass
asy translucent ebi asy fresh water
aza opaque ebi aza paper
aze matte ebi aze wood
azi lustrous ebi azi metal
azo iridescent ebi azo thin film
azu 0%red, 0%green, 0%blue (black) ebi azu asphalt
azy 0%red, 0%green, 100%blue (blue) ebi azy rubber
awa 0%red, 100%green, 0%blue (green) ebi awa lawn
awe 0%red, 100%green, 100%blue (cyan) ebi awe steel
awi 100%red, 0%green, 0%blue (red) ebi awi brick
awo 100%red, 0%green, 100%blue (magenta) ebi awo plastic
awu 100%red, 100%green, 0%blue (yellow) ebi awu sand
awy 100%red, 100%green, 100%blue (white) ebi awy concrete

Colors shown in the color table can be mixed to produce intermediate colors. For example gray color (azu awy) is produced by mixing color azu with color awy.

azu (black) awy (white) azu awy (gray)
awi (red) awu (yellow) awi awu (orange)
awi (red) awy (white) awi awy (pink)
awo (magenta) awy (white) awo awy (violet)
awu (yellow) awy (white) awu awy (khaki)
awi (red) azu awy (gray) asi awi (brown)

word meaning word meaning
eba end of sentence ebe indicates that a foreign word follows this word
ebi indicates that following word is name of a material ebo let (order)
ebu suggestion or polite order eby first word in a general question, answer is yes or no
epa first word in a specific question, answer is detailed epe by
epi of, associated with, about epo for
epu below epy on
eda above ede in, inside
edi between, among edo out, outside, beyond
edu behind, after, previous edy in front of, before, next
ega on the left side ege on the right side
egi from ego to, toward
egu if egy and
eja or eje then
eji when ejo because
eju in order to ejy yes
ela despite ele no, not
eli few elo several
elu more than several ely less
ema more eme all
emi except emo very
emu extreme emy as, so
esa -st, -nd, -rd, e.g., 22-nd ese times, e.g., 5 times
esi this eso which
esu I, me esy my
eza you (singular) eze your (singular)
ezi he, she ezo his, her
ezu it ezy its
ewa we ewe our
ewi you (plural) ewo your (plural)
ewu they ewy their

Prepositions are used the same way as in the English language except emu (extreme).

Although there is no distinction between singular and plural nouns, the plural nouns follow either a number, or preposition elo, or preposition elu.

Preposition agu followed by verb indicates past tense. Preposition agy followed by verb indicates future tense. The absence of agu and agy indicates present tense.

Grammar explained in examples:
esu ulo ija eji esu usy eza eba I am happy when I see you.
ewa uwi ede ebe america eba We live in America. (ebe indicates foreign word)
ebo usy esi awyla eba Clean up this room. (order)
ebu usy esi awyle eba It would be desirable to clean up this room. (suggestion)
eby eza agy usi esi awyle eba Will you clean up this room? (general question)
epa esi awyle eba Tell me about this room. (specific question)
esu agy usi esi awyle eba I will clean up this room.
esu iwy agy usi esi awyle eba It is impossible that I will clean up this room.
esu odo agy usi esi awyle eba It is unlikely that I will clean up this room.
esu odu agy usi esi awyle eba It is likely that I will clean up this room.
esu ogi agy usi esi awyle eba It is certain that I will clean up this room.
esu agu usi esi awyle eba I cleaned up this room.
ebo ele usi esi awyle eba Do not clean up this room. (order)
epa abebe ulo emu ipe eba Which tree is the tallest? (specific question)
api esa abebe ulo emu ipe eba Second tree is the tallest.
epa eguwy abebe ulo ede esi apepo eba How many trees are in this forest? (specific question)
odu age eba Probably one million.
epa uwywy elu abebe ulo ede esi ajube eba Why trees live in this wilderness? (specific question)
eza agu uze esi azewy age ese eba You asked this question million times!
apubi ile esy awowi ule ewyja eligona eba Bird owned by my father has name Eligona.

syllable adjective meaning verb meaning noun meaning
ba iba = small
oba = not tolerant, reducing
uba = to sit
yba = to reduce, to discriminate
abawy = "literal meaning of small" = point
ebawy = "abstract meaning of small" = resolution
obawy = "literal meaning of not tolerant" = bigot
owyba = "abstract meaning of not tolerant" = not waterproof
be ibe = big
obe = tolerant, magnifying
ube = to stand
ybe = to enlarge, to tolerate
abewy = "literal meaning of big" = universe, nature
ebewy = "abstract meaning of big" = size
obewy = "literal meaning of tolerant" = tolerant person
owybe = "abstract meaning of tolerant" = waterproof
bi ibi = sharp, spicy
obi = narrow, peppery, having electric charge
ubi = to lead, to manage
ybi = to sharpen
abiwy = "literal meaning of sharp" = needle
ebiwy = "abstract meaning of sharp" = edge, border
obiwy = "literal meaning of narrow" = slot, crevice
owybi = "abstract meaning of narrow" = viscosity
bo ibo = wide, blunt
obo = flat, devoid of electric charge
ubo = to follow, to vote
ybo = to widen
abowy = "literal meaning of wide" = width
ebowy = "abstract meaning of wide" = follower
obowy = "literal meaning of flat" = flat land, plain
owybo = "abstract meaning of flat" = area
bu ibu = simple, easy
obu = homogeneous
ubu = to simplify
ybu = to standardize
abuwy = "literal meaning of simple" = simplicity
ebuwy = "abstract meaning of simple" = structure
obuwy = "literal meaning of homogeneous" = standard
owybu = "abstract meaning of homogeneous" = paint
by iby = long, difficult
oby = complex
uby = to join
yby = to extend in space
abywy = "literal meaning of long" = length
ebywy = "abstract meaning of long" = distance
obywy = "literal meaning of complex" = complexity
owyby = "abstract meaning of complex" = diversity
pa ipa = short
opa = horizontal
upa = to cut, to break, to subtract
ypa = to level
apawy = "literal meaning of short" = slice
epawy = "abstract meaning of short" = stature, social class
opawy = "literal meaning of horizontal" = horizon
owypa = "abstract meaning of horizontal" = direction
pe ipe = tall, high
ope = hilly
upe = to grow, to add
ype = to fill
apewy = "literal meaning of tall" = height
epewy = "abstract meaning of tall" = elevation
opewy = "literal meaning of hilly" = hilly land
owype = "abstract meaning of hilly" = snow
pi ipi = low, deep, under surface
opi = local, standard, compatible, parochial
upi = to move underground or under water
ypi = to hide
apiwy = "literal meaning of low" = bottom, ground
epiwy = "abstract meaning of low" = depth
opiwy = "literal meaning of local" = county
owypi = "abstract meaning of local" = parochialism
po ipo = middle, central, axial
opo = national
upo = to move on ground surface
ypo = to float, to move on water surface
apowy = "literal meaning of middle" = center
epowy = "abstract meaning of middle" = privacy
opowy = "literal meaning of national" = country
owypo = "abstract meaning of national" = citizen
pu ipu = top
opu = global
upu = to fly, to sublime
ypu = to give, to put
apuwy = "literal meaning of top" = peak, summit
epuwy = "abstract meaning of top" = altitude
opuwy = "literal meaning of global" = shantytown
owypu = "abstract meaning of global" = anarchy
py ipy = inner, private
opy = secret, number - odd
upy = to defend, to police, to protect
ypy = to cover
apywy = "literal meaning of inner" = interior
epywy = "abstract meaning of inner" = proximity, neighborhood
opywy = "literal meaning of secret" = spy
owypy = "abstract meaning of secret" = police
da ida = outer, public
oda = distant, number - even
uda = to attack, to accuse, to charge
yda = to expose
adawy = "literal meaning of outer" = exterior
edawy = "abstract meaning of outer" = appearance
odawy = "literal meaning of distant" = outer space, sky
owyda = "abstract meaning of distant" = discovery, invention
de ide = front
ode = first
ude = to start, to open
yde = to search
adewy = "literal meaning of front" = face
edewy = "abstract meaning of front" = beginning
odewy = "literal meaning of first" = leader
owyde = "abstract meaning of first" = inspiration
di idi = back, rear
odi = last
udi = to end, to close
ydi = to find
adiwy = "literal meaning of back" = background
ediwy = "abstract meaning of back" = end
odiwy = "literal meaning of last" = archaism
owydi = "abstract meaning of last" = reaction
do ido = rare, valuable, interesting, alone
odo = incompatible, number - negative, probability - unlikely
udo = to invent, to discover
ydo = to design
adowy = "literal meaning of rare" = scarcity
edowy = "abstract meaning of rare" = creativity, originality
odowy = "literal meaning of incompatible" = alien
owydo = "abstract meaning of incompatible" = villain, felon, opponent, enemy
du idu = common, abundant
odu = boring, number - positive, probability - likely
udu = to hold, to use
ydu = to catch
aduwy = "literal meaning of common" = abundance
eduwy = "abstract meaning of common" = typical behavior, stereotype
oduwy = "literal meaning of boring" = boredom
owydu = "abstract meaning of boring" = jail
dy idy = cold
ody = emotionless, stiff, superconductive, superfluid
udy = to cool down
ydy = to discourage
adywy = "literal meaning of cold" = ice
edywy = "abstract meaning of cold" = temperature
odywy = "literal meaning of emotionless" = corpse, meat
owydy = "abstract meaning of emotionless" = overpopulation
ga iga = warm
oga = social, elastic
uga = to warm up
yga = to encourage, to excite, to play
agawy = "literal meaning of warm" = heat
egawy = "abstract meaning of warm" = stove
ogawy = "literal meaning of social" = society
owyga = "abstract meaning of social" = author, inventor
ge ige = weak, soft
oge = powerless
uge = to weaken
yge = to dilute, to dissolve
agewy = "literal meaning of weak" = weakness, financial inflation
egewy = "abstract meaning of weak" = ability
ogewy = "literal meaning of powerless" = hostage
owyge = "abstract meaning of powerless" = cripple, disabled person
gi igi = strong, hard
ogi = powerful, probability - certain
ugy = to strengthen
ygy = to freeze
agiwy = "literal meaning of strong" = strength, financial deflation
egiwy = "abstract meaning of strong" = courage
ogiwy = "literal meaning of powerful" = dictator
owygi = "abstract meaning of powerful" = god
go igo = lightweight
ogo = unimportant
ugo = to ignore
ygo = to discard
agowy = "literal meaning of lightweight" = bubble
egowy = "abstract meaning of lightweight" = density
ogowy = "literal meaning of unimportant" = nothing
owygo = "abstract meaning of unimportant" = disposable object
gu igu = massive
ogu = important
ugu = to carry out, to condense
ygu = to pay attention, to monitor
aguwy = "literal meaning of massive" = mass
eguwy = "abstract meaning of massive" = quantity, supply
oguwy = "literal meaning of important" = authority
owygu = "abstract meaning of important" = attention
gy igy = sad, uncomfortable
ogy = wet, drunk, stoned, under mechanical stress
ugy = to soak, to paint, to drink
ygy = to melt
agywy = "literal meaning of sad" = sadness, stress
egywy = "abstract meaning of sad" = emotion
ogywy = "literal meaning of wet" = water
owygy = "abstract meaning of wet" = addiction
ja ija = happy, comfortable
oja = dry, sober, free of mechanical stress
uja = to enjoy
yja = to dry up, to vaporize
ajawy = "literal meaning of happy" = happiness
ejawy = "abstract meaning of happy" = consolation
ojawy = "literal meaning of dry" = desert
owyja = "abstract meaning of dry" = sterile
je ije = pretty
oje = smooth, fine, sweet
uje = to praise
yje = to confirm, to polish
ajewy = "literal meaning of pretty" = beauty
ejewy = "abstract meaning of pretty" = praise, approval
ojewy = "literal meaning of smooth" = gear
owyje = "abstract meaning of smooth" = gel, paste
ji iji = ugly
oji = bumpy, coarse, abrasive, sour
uji = to criticize
yji = to deny, to scratch
ajiwy = "literal meaning of ugly" = ugliness
ejiwy = "abstract meaning of ugly" = criticism, critical thinking
ojiwy = "literal meaning of bumpy" = abrasive material
owyji = "abstract meaning of bumpy" = absorption
jo ijo = false, wrong
ojo = domesticated, salty
ujo = to be out of order
yjo = to lie
ajowy = "literal meaning of false" = lie
ejowy = "abstract meaning of false" = accuracy
ojowy = "literal meaning of domesticated" = domesticated animal, pet animal, or cultivated plant
owyjo = "abstract meaning of domesticated" = friend
ju iju = true, correct, healthy
oju = wild, free
uju = to be in working order
yju = to tell truth
ajuwy = "literal meaning of true" = truth
ejuwy = "abstract meaning of true" = logic
ojuwy = "literal meaning of wild" = natural object, wild plant, wild animal, or isolated person living in a wilderness
owyju = "abstract meaning of wild" = freedom, independence
jy ijy = poor, borrowed
ojy = inexpensive
ujy = to sell
yjy = to steal, to divide
ajywy = "literal meaning of poor" = poverty
ejywy = "abstract meaning of poor" = thief
ojywy = "literal meaning of inexpensive" = gift, prize
owyjy = "abstract meaning of inexpensive" = inheritance
la ila = rich, affluent, thick
ola = expensive
ula = to buy
yla = to donate, to multiply
alawy = "literal meaning of rich" = wealth
elawy = "abstract meaning of rich" = value
olawy = "literal meaning of expensive" = fine, penalty
owyla = "abstract meaning of expensive" = tax
le ile = owned by, which is the property of, dependent
ole = infantile, open
ule = to own, to have
yle = to control
alewy = "literal meaning of own" = owner
elewy = "abstract meaning of own" = property
olewy = "literal meaning of infantile" = infant
owyle = "abstract meaning of infantile" = gullibility
li ili = hungry, lean, serrated
oli = empty
uli = to eat, to bite, to sting, to be refueled
yli = to take, to try
aliwy = "literal meaning of hungry" = hunger, demand
eliwy = "abstract meaning of hungry" = pain
oliwy = "literal meaning of empty" = vacuum
owyli = "abstract meaning of empty" = volume, space
lo ilo = young, alive, new
olo = fast, temporary, thin
ulo = to be, to live
ylo = to feel, to imply
alowy = "literal meaning of young" = novelty
elowy = "abstract meaning of young" = straight line
olowy = "literal meaning of fast" = race
owylo = "abstract meaning of fast" = sport, game
lu ilu = old
olu = slow, permanent, fat
ulu = to die, to break down
ylu = to scare
aluwy = "literal meaning of old" = erosion, rust
eluwy = "abstract meaning of old" = curve
oluwy = "literal meaning of slow = evolution
owylu = "abstract meaning of slow = efficiency
ly ily = asleep, turned off
oly = packaged, closed
uly = to sleep, to be turned off
yly = to turn off, to unlock
alywy = "literal meaning of asleep" = sleep
elywy = "abstract meaning of asleep" = unconsciousness
olywy = "literal meaning of packaged" = package
owyly = "abstract meaning of packaged" = merchandise, manufactured object
ma ima = awake, alive, turned on
oma = vibrating, jumping, dancing
uma = to be awake, to be turned on
yma = to turn on, to lock, to jump, to dance
amawy = "literal meaning of awake" = life, life span
emawy = "abstract meaning of awake" = idea, thought
omawy = "literal meaning of vibrating" = vibration
owyma = "abstract meaning of vibrating" = instability
me ime = bad, toxic, dangerous, violent, harmful, hostile
ome = criminal, guilty
ume = to spoil, to poison
yme = to consume alcohol, tobacco or narcotics
amewy = "literal meaning of bad" = greed
emewy = "abstract meaning of bad" = hell
omewy = "literal meaning of criminal" = crime
owyme = "abstract meaning of criminal" = loot, stolen goods
mi imi = good, safe, beneficial, generous, helpful
omi = innocent
umi = to improve, to repair, to help, to support, to promote
ymi = to sterilize
amiwy = "literal meaning of good" = altruism
emiwy = "abstract meaning of good" = heaven
omiwy = "literal meaning of innocent" = sterilization
owymi = "abstract meaning of innocent" = ignorance
mo imo = sexual, genital
omo = desirable
umo = to want, to aim
ymo = to choose
amowy = "literal meaning of sexual" = sex, coitus
emowy = "abstract meaning of sexual" = intention, desire, goal, purpose
omowy = "literal meaning of desirable" = hobby, passion
owymo = "abstract meaning of desirable" = dream
mu imu = informative
omu = smart
umu = to learn, to memorize
ymu = to teach
amuwy = "literal meaning of informative" = knowledge
emuwy = "abstract meaning of informative" = equation
omuwy = "literal meaning of smart" = genius, wizard
owymu = "abstract meaning of smart" = teacher
my imy = idle, lazy
omy = silent
umy = to idle, to relax, to recline
ymy = to rent
amywy = "literal meaning of idle" = unemployment
emywy = "abstract meaning of idle" = recreation, vacation
omywy = "literal meaning of silent" = trap
owymy = "abstract meaning of silent" = follower
sa isa = busy
osa = tired, used up, prolonged
usa = to work
ysa = to make
asawy = "literal meaning of busy" = business
esawy = "abstract meaning of busy" = work, effort, job
osawy = "literal meaning of tired" = fatigue
owysa = "abstract meaning of tired" = worker
se ise = dirty
ose = random, round, civilian
use = to pollute
yse = to mix
asewy = "literal meaning of dirty" = dirt, contamination
esewy = "abstract meaning of dirty" = beggar, homeless person
osewy = "literal meaning of random" = disorder
owyse = "abstract meaning of random" = neglect
si isi = clean
osi = organized, square, military
usi to clean
ysi = to purify
asiwy = "literal meaning of clean" = purity
esiwy = "abstract meaning of clean" = rich person
osiwy = "literal meaning of organized" = order
owysi = "abstract meaning of organized" = obedience
so iso = loud
oso = shoddy, of inferior quality
uso = to speak
yso = to explain, to answer
asowy = "literal meaning of loud" = noise
esowy = "abstract meaning of loud" = speech
osowy = "literal meaning of shoddy" = junk, trash
owyso = "abstract meaning of shoddy" = waste
su isu = musical
osu = poetic, perceptive
usu = to hear
ysu = to listen
asuwy = "literal meaning of musical" = music
esuwy = "abstract meaning of musical" = sound
osuwy = "literal meaning of poetic" = poetry
owysu = "abstract meaning of poetic" = rhyme
sy isy = visual, optical
osy = fragile
usy = to see, to notice
ysy = to predict, to forecast
asywy = "literal meaning of visual" = picture
esywy = "abstract meaning of visual" = vision
osywy = "literal meaning of fragile" = endangered species
owysy = "abstract meaning of fragile" = flora and fauna, life
za isa = colorful
osa = artistic
usa = to write
ysa = to draw
azawy = "literal meaning of colorful" = color
ezawy = "abstract meaning of colorful" = fantasy
ozawy = "literal meaning of artistic" = artist
owyza = "abstract meaning of artistic" = nonconformist
ze ize = uncertain, disoriented, lost
oze = stupid, useless
uze = to ask
yze = to measure, to count, to test, to analyze, to check
azewy = "literal meaning of uncertain" = question
ezewy = "abstract meaning of uncertain" = probability, chance, risk
ozewy = "literal meaning of stupid" = error, absurd
owyze = "abstract meaning of stupid" = student
zi izi = trustworthy, honest, reliable
ozi = of good quality
uzi = to know
yzi = to understand
aziwy = "literal meaning of trustworthy" = confidence
eziwy = "abstract meaning of trustworthy" = reliability, stability
oziwy = "literal meaning of good quality" = quality
owyzi = "abstract meaning of good quality" = attention
zo izo = electric
ozo = funny, forked
uzo = to use phone, to call someone on the phone
yzo = to weld
azowy = "literal meaning of electric" = electric charge
ezowy = "abstract meaning of electric" = weld
ozowy = "literal meaning of funny" = clown
owyzo = "abstract meaning of funny" = change
zu izu = magnetic
ozu = slippery, weird
uzu = to repel, to dislike
yzu = to slide
azuwy = "literal meaning of magnetic" = magnet
ezuwy = "abstract meaning of magnetic" = repulsion, hatred
ozuwy = "literal meaning of slippery" = lubricant
owyzu = "abstract meaning of slippery" = friction
zy izy = gravitational, vertical
ozy = sticky, peaceful
uzy = to attract, to like
yzy = to glue, to solder
azywy = "literal meaning of gravitational" = gravity
ezywy = "abstract meaning of gravitational" = attraction, love
ozywy = "literal meaning of sticky" = glue
owyzy = "abstract meaning of sticky" = solder
wa iwa = stationery
owa = feminine, positive electric charge
uwa = to reside
ywa = to touch
awawy = "literal meaning of stationary" = station
ewawy = "abstract meaning of stationary" = home, nest
owawy = "literal meaning of feminine" = female
owywa = "abstract meaning of feminine" = vanity
we iwe = mobile
owe = masculine, negative electric charge
uwe = to go, to move, to flow
ywe = to send, to throw, to eject
awewy = "literal meaning of mobile" = travel, movement
ewewy = "abstract meaning of mobile" = velocity
owewy = "literal meaning of masculine" = male
owywe = "abstract meaning of masculine" = arrogance
wi iwi = rotating
owi = circulating, periodic
uwi = to revolve, to rotate
ywi = to replace
awiwy = "literal meaning of rotating" = rotation
ewiwy = "abstract meaning of rotating" = system
owiwy = "literal meaning of circulating" = circulation, traffic
owywi = "abstract meaning of circulating" = turbulence
wo iwo = different
owo = opposite
uwo = to sue
ywo = to be in jail
awowy = "literal meaning of different" = law
ewowy = "abstract meaning of different" = justice
owowy = "literal meaning of opposite" = choice
owywo = "abstract meaning of opposite" = cooperation, symbiosis
wu iwu = similar
owu = identical, equal
uwu = to kill
ywu = to destroy
awuwy = "literal meaning of similar" = competition
ewuwy = "abstract meaning of similar" = army
owuwy = "literal meaning of identical" = copy
owywu = "abstract meaning of identical" = signature
wy no meaning no meaning iwy = meaningless, probability - impossible, ywy = nihilistic
awywy = literal meaning, thing
ewywy = abstract meaning, abstraction

Syllables wu and wy are always first when they are part of a 7-letter word. wu always means that the word is an adjective and wy always means that the word is a verb. The vowel prefix and the remaining two syllables are treated as a 5-letter word.

syllable cause result examples
ba planet geological object amiba = "good planet" = Earth
ibawi = "planet child" = moon
eleba = "owned geological object" = real estate
eluba aja = old geological object era" = Precambrian era
be plant food ajube = "wild plant" = weed
abube = "simple plant" = fungus
obugebe = "soft simple plant" = mushroom
adybe = "cold plant" = lichen
ajabe = "dry plant" = cactus
amebe = "toxic plant" = fern
apibe = "low plant" = moss
adube = "common plant" = grass
owebe = "medical substance plant" = herb
amobe = "genital plant" = wildflower, flower
ojobe = "separation plant" = shrub
abebe = "big plant" = tree
obebibe = "big narrow plant" = coniferous tree
obebobe = "big wide plant" = broad-leaved tree
alybe = "asleep plant or packaged plant" = seed
ilubibe = "fat animal food" = animal fat
ilubebe = "fat plant food" = butter
ezube = "slippery food" = oil
egybe = "wet food" = drink
ogygebe = "wet soft food" = soup
ewebe = "mobile food" = fast food
edebe = "first food" = breakfast
epobe = "middle food" = lunch
edibe = "last food" = dinner
epube = "top food" = fruit
odupube = "common top food" = grain
opubybe = "top long food" = corn
osepube = "round top food" = apple
ojipube = "sour top food" = orange
ogypube = "wet top food" = grape
egibe = "hard food" = nut
opubibe = "top spicy food" = pepper
odypube = "cold top food" = cucumber
ogepube = "soft top food" = tomato
ojepube = "sweet top food" = peach
ipudube = "top hair food" = soybean
opupabe = "top short food" = peanut
epibe = "low food" = vegetable
opibybe = "low long food" = carrot
opibibe = "low spicy food" = parsley
osepibe = "round low food" = cabbage
ogopibe = "lightweight low food" = cauliflower
opibabe = "low small food" = radish
odupibe = "common low food" = potato
udubibe = "hair animal food" = cheese
edybe = "cold food" = ice cream
bi animal human, person alybi = "asleep animal or packaged animal" = egg
ogegybi = "weak wet animal" = jellyfish
egybi = "wet animal" = fish
obigebi = "narrow soft animal" = worm
agebi = "soft animal" = mollusk
agibi = "hard animal" = clam
ogemubi = "soft smart animal" = octopus
ogelobi = "soft fast animal" = squid
alubi = "slow animal" = snail
omewabi = "toxic stationary animal" = coral
ogewabi = "soft stationary animal" = sponge
usubi = "net animal" = spider
adubi = "common animal" = insect
ajebi = "smooth animal" = beetle
azabi = "colorful animal" = butterfly
upubi = "fire animal" = moth
odugabi = "common social animal" = ant
opigabi = "deep social animal" = termite
ogasabi = "social busy animal" = bee
opusebi = "top dirty animal" = fly
opulibi = "top hungry animal" = mosquito
obipubi = "narrow top animal" = wasp
opulobi = "top fast animal" = dragonfly
ogijibi = "hard bumpy animal" = crustacean
odujibi = "common bumpy animal" = crayfish
ogyjabi = "wet dry animal" = amphibian
ajabi = "dry animal" = reptile
abybi = "long animal" = snake
apybi = "inner animal" = parasite
obypybi = "long inner animal" = tapeworm
abobi = "wide animal" = turtle
obejibi = "big bumpy animal" = crocodile or alligator
apubi = "top animal" = bird
udubi = "hair animal" = mammal
ogilobi = "strong fast animal" = horse
azibi = "trustworthy animal" = dog
amybi = "idle animal" = cat
esabi = "busy person" = workaholic
ewobi = "opposite person" = gost
owosybi = "opposite visual person" = blind person
owosobi = "opposite loud person" = mute person
owosubi = "opposite musical person" = deaf person
owomobi = "opposite sexual person" = eunuch
egubi = "unimportant person" = slave
epybi = "private person" = unmarried person
edabi = "public person" = married person
bo legal term language ulobo = "organization legal term" = court
olubo = "craftsman legal term" = lawyer
ulubo = "expert legal term" = judge
alebo = "owned by legal term" = theft
awebo = "mobile legal term" = smuggling
apybo = "inner legal term" = defendant
adabo = "outer legal term" = plaintiff
ebubo = "easy language" = this language
bu anatomical part of a single cell organism disease abybu = "long anatomical..." = DNA
ewebu = "mobile disease" = contagious disease
emobu = "genital disease" = venereal disease
ypabu = "mind disease" = madness
by anatomical part of a multicellular plant genetics amoby = "genital anatomical..." = flower
obyju = "genetics group" = species
pa internal anatomical part of a multicellular animal mind awipa = "circulating internal..." = blood
idepada = "front internal... liquid" = saliva
ywe idepada = "to eject saliva" = to spit
izypada = "sticky internal... liquid" = mucus
agipa = "hard internal..." = bone
abipa = "sharp internal..." = tooth
agopa = "lightweight internal..." = lung
emipa = good mind! (greeting)
pe external anatomical part of a multicellular animal smell abape = "small external..." = finger or toe
obabope = "small flat external..." = fingernail or toenail
obabope owybu = "small flat external... paint" = nail polish
obogype = "flat wet external..." = fin
obojape = "flat dry external..." = wing
obogope = "flat lightweight external..." = feather
asype = "visual external..." = eye
asupe = "musical external..." = external ear
ipepe = "external... smell" = nose
ipepi = "external... food" = mouth
asepe = "dirty external..." = anus
upemo = "external... grasper" = hand
umopeju = "grasper external... part" = finger
idipegu = "back external... tube" = rear leg
ipipe = "agriculture smell" = smell of excrements
pi manufacturing business service or repair business
(no manufacturing or trade)
ibipime = "narrow manufacturing business vehicle" = bicycle factory
ypimebi = "service business vehicle narrow" = bicycle repair shop
ezipi = "trustworthy service business" = insurance business
po environment physical field ajupo = "wild environment" = wilderness
apepo = "tall environment" = forest
apapo = "short environment" = meadow
agepo = "soft environment" = marsh
agypo = "wet environment" = ocean
ajapo = "happy environment" = beach
apipo = "deep environment" = cave
pu fire light, radiation azopu = "electric fire" = plasma
abezopu = "big electric fire" = star
adopu = "rare light" = fluorescence
awopu = "opposite light" = shade
apupu = "top light" = sunlight
alypu = "asleep light" = aurora
ajopu = "domesticated light" = artificial light
alupu = "old light" = torch
apepu = "tall light" = candle
ajapu = "happy light" = fireworks
azapu = "colorful light" = neon light
awepu = "mobile light" = flashlight
ypugyga = "light ball warm" = incandescent light bulb
ypugydo = "light ball rare" = fluorescent light bulb
ypugudo = "light tube rare" = fluorescent light tube
ypugyge = "light ball soft" = sodium light bulb
ypugydy = "light ball cold" = mercury light bulb
adepu = "first light" = sunrise
adipu = "last light" = sunset
abypu = "long light" = radio waves
isopu = "communication light" = microwaves
agapu = "warm light" = infrared radiation
asypu = "visual light" = light, visible light
adypu = "cold light" = ultraviolet radiation
agipu = "hard light" = X rays
amepu = "bad light" = gamma rays
ebupu = "homogeneous light" = laser light
ypumibu = "light machine homogeneous" = laser
py atmosphere gas awepy = "mobile atmosphere" = wind
asypy = "visual atmosphere" = cloud
agypy = "wet atmosphere" = rain
azepy = "uncertain atmosphere" = fog
upypo = "atmosphere environment" = weather
upopydu = "environment atmosphere common " = climate
ipypy = "atmosphere gas" = air
da pump liquid udady = "pump textile" = filter
ybadawe = "geological object liquid mobile" = river
elida = "hungry liquid" = acid
eseda = "dirty liquid" = urine
iwyda = "the most common form of liquid" = salt water
emada = "jumping liquid" = wave
udubida = "hair animal liquid" = milk
de shape solid abide = "sharp shape" = cone
agode = "lightweight shape" = ghost
ewade = "stationary solid" = stone
esede = "dirty solid" = manure
ezode = "electric solid" = battery
di material, raw material dust, powder ezadi = "colorful powder" = cosmetic makeup
ipudi = "fire dust" = smoke
do foam insulation idobe = "foam food" = bread
ijedobe = "sweet foam food" = pie, cake
du fiber, hair string udujuba = "fiber group small" = brush
udujube = "fiber group big" = broom
egidu = "hard string" = wire
dy textile garment, dress ajady = "dry textile" = towel
agidy = "hard garment" = shoe
ogipedy = "tall hard garment" = high heel shoe
opibody = "low wide garment" = skirt
opibidy = "low narrow garment" = pants
apody = "middle garment" = shirt
odupody = "common middle garment" = tee shirt
ogapody = "warm middle garment" = sweater
opibydy = "low long garment" = stocking
apudy = "top garment" = hat
abedy = "big garment" = dress
agudy = "massive garment" = suit
apydy = "inner garment" = underwear
adady = "outer garment" = coat
agydy = "wet garment" = waterproof garment
agady = "warm garment" = fur
adedy = "front garment" = necktie
abady = "small garment" = glove
apady = "horizontal garment" = belt
alody = "young garment" = jumpsuit
alydy = "asleep garment" = pajamas
amody = "sexual garment" = bra
awudy = "similar garment" = uniform
opubedy = "top big garment" = umbrella
opupady = "top horizontal garment" = scarf
edody = "rare garment" = fashion
ga hole valve igawy = "the most common form of hole" = window
apyga = "inner hole" = entrance
adaga = "outer hole" = exit
egyga = "wet valve" = faucet
ezoga = "electric valve" = switch
ge cavity, socket loss abyge = "long cavity" = ditch
agyge = "wet cavity" = pond, lake
ibygeba = "long cavity geological object" = valley
ypage = "mind loss" = death
emege = "bad loss" = tragedy
gi protrusion, plug gain amagi = "vibrating protrusion" = piston
abygi = "long protrusion" = dike
agygi = "wet protrusion" = dam
obagi = "geological object protrusion" = mountain
ypagi = "mind gain" = birth
go ring, torus fastener, connector, clasp azozugo = "electric magnetic ring" = transformer
ajego = "pretty ring" = jewelry
opujego = "top pretty ring" = earring
odejego = "front pretty ring" = nose ring
obejego = "big pretty ring" = choker or necklace
obajego = "small pretty ring" = finger ring
opojego = "middle pretty ring" = bracelet
opijego = "low pretty ring" = anklet
ugoju = "ring group" = chain
ebigo = "sharp fastener" = nail
ijogo = "fusion fastener" = rivet
ydygo = "garment fastener" = button
ydygoby = "garment fastener long" = zipper
ebugo = "simple fastener" = hook
epygo = "secret fastener" = lock
odapygo = "outer secret fastener" = padlock
gu axis tube esogu = "loud tube" = gun
epegu = "tall tube" = utility pole
esygu = "visual tube" = telescope
gy angle ball egyje = "angle path" = azimuth (in radians)
epugy = "top ball" = basketball
amagy = "jumping angle" = bow
ja disk, wheel symbol, variable, name alija = "serrated disk" = circular saw
ajija = "abrasive disk" = grinder
opuja = "light disk" = laser disk, e.g., CD-ROM, MO, DVD, FMD, etc.
ageja = "soft disk" = floppy disk
igejamu = "soft disk recorder" = floppy disk drive
agija = "hard disk" = hard disk
ojeja = "trajectory wheel" = steering wheel
je tape, blade path, trajectory ozije = "unit tape" = tape measure
azuje = "magnetic tape" = magnetic tape
ajije = "abrasive blade" = abrasive file
alije = "serrated blade" = saw
abime = "sharp blade" = knife
obebime = "big sharp blade" = sword
ji plane, surface, sheet plate, wall ajiji = "abrasive sheet" = sandpaper
igiji = "protrusion plate" = keyboard
isiji = "location plate" = touchpad
ibesiji = "big location plate" = digitizer
esyji = "visual plate" = picture
ipiji = "agriculture wall" = fence
jo fusion, meeting, capture separation, release ijosu = "fusion contract" = marriage
yjosu = "separation contract" = divorce
ju word, group, collection part, block, letter oliju = "building group" = town, city
ujiju = "sheet group" = notebook
jy force helix, thread ujijy = "surface force" = pressure
epyjy = "inner thread" = threaded nut
edajy = "outer thread" = threaded screw or bolt
ipyjy = "atmosphere helix" = tornado
la story, speech drawing azala = "colorful story" = entertainment
abyla = "long story" = novel
asyla = "visual story" = film
omasyla = "alive visual story" = theatrical play
asula = "musical story" = song
agola = "unimportant story" = gossip
amola = "sexual speech" = courtship
agila = "strong speech" = persuasion
agila = "ugly speech" = defamation
asela = "dirty speech" = curse
uzela = "religion speech" = sermon
ajyla = "poor speech" = prayer
ibala = "planet drawing" = map
ygyla = "ball drawing" = globe
le room furniture agyle = "wet room" = bathroom
obele = "food room" = kitchen
alyle = "asleep room" = bedroom
ipileju = "low room part" = floor
ipuleju = "top room part " = ceiling
epile = "low furniture" = carpet
ilega = "room valve" = door
elyle = "asleep furniture" = bed
ebale = "small furniture" = chair
ilile = "container furniture" = cupboard
ydyle = "garment furniture" = wardrobe
yjile = "plate furniture" = shelving
ypele = "smell furniture" = toilet
li container building agali = "warm container" = oven
abali = "small container" = bottle
aseli = "dirty container" = waste basket
aleli = "open container" = bucket
omasuli = "musical vibrating container" = bell
ageli = "soft container" = bag
agoli = "lightweight container" = balloon
odyli = "garment container" = pocket
apyli = "private container" = suitcase
ujili = "sheet container" = envelope
uzali = "money container" = purse
yzali = "trade business building" = shop
idyli = "textile building" = tent
ylijugi = "building part strong" = foundation
ylijupi = "building part low" = basement
ylijupe = "building part tall" = stairs
ylijupu = "building part top" = roof
lo organization manager amylo = "idle organization" = bureaucracy
epulo = "top manager" = president
lu engineer, expert craftsman, repairman, technician uwelu = "medical knowledge expert" = physician
emolu = "sexual craftsman" = prostitute
ly fuel energy emely = "violent energy" = explosive material
ma motor, generator, engine power azoma = "electric motor" = electric motor, electric generator
ulyma = "fuel engine" = internal combustion engine
ulymagu = "fuel engine massive" = diesel engine
ajama = "dry engine" = steam engine
agyma = "wet motor" = water turbine
upyma = "atmosphere generator" = wind generator
upumalo = "fire engine fast" = rocket engine
upumabu = "fire engine simple" = ramjet engine
umapuwi = "fire engine rotating" = jet engine
ypuma = "light power" = solar power
me road vehicle, mobile machine ebime = "narrow vehicle" = bicycle
emame = "jumping vehicle" = motorcycle
ejame = "comfortable vehicle" = car
egume = "massive vehicle" = truck
egome = "lightweight vehicle" = airship
ydumepu = "string vehicle top" = kite
ebyme = "long vehicle" = train
egyme = "wet vehicle" = boat
epume = "top vehicle" = airplane
osopume = "loud top vehicle" = rocket
mi tool (not grasping) machine apumi = "top tool" = projectile, bullet
abypumi = "long top tool" = arrow
abepumi = "big top tool" = spear
agumi = "massive tool" = hammer
apymi = "secret tool" = key
obipumi = "sharp top tool" = axe
obepumi = "big top tool" = pick
obepimi = "big deep tool" = spade
obizomi = "sharp forked tool" = scissors
obezomi = "big forked tool" = big fork
obemi = "food tool" = spoon
azomi = "forked tool" = fork
apysymi = "inner visual tool" = lens
adasymi = "outer visual tool" = mirror
ejami = "happy machine" = toy
esomi = "loud machine" = loudspeaker
isimi = "location machine" = geographic positioning system gadget
ewumi = "similar machine" = robot
mo grasper, actuator manipulation, processing, translation abimo = "sharp grasper" = fish hook
agimo = "strong grasper" = vise
adamo = "outer grasper" = wrench
apymo = "inner grasper" = screwdriver
abomo = "wide grasper" = standard screwdriver
apomo = "middle grasper" = Phillips screwdriver
apimo = "deep grasper" = hex screwdriver
alimo = "serrated grasper" = pliers
egamo = "warm processing" = cooking
mu detector, gauge recorder, memory awimu = "rotating gauge" = clock
asumu = "musical detector" = microphone
agamu = "warm detector" = thermometer
elumu = "old recorder" = pen
ebimu = "sharp recorder" = pencil
ewomu = "opposite recorder" = eraser
egymu = "wet recorder" = highlighter
ebomu = "wide recorder" = printer
ogybomu = "wet wide recorder" = inkjet printer
ojabomu = "dry wide recorder" = laser printer
ewumu = "similar recorder" = copier
ijemu = "tape recorder" = tape recorder
opumu = "light recorder" = laser disk drive, e.g., CD-ROM, MO, DVD, FMD, etc.
esymu = "visual recorder" = VCR
owasymu = "stationary visual recorder" = still camera
owesymu = "mobile visual recorder" = video camera
ejomu = "false memory" = hallucination
my chip, electronic circuit phone abemy = "big chip" = processor
asymy = "visual chip" = graphics card
omumy = "memory chip" = memory chip
imypa = "chip mind" = artificial intelligence
ewamy = "stationary phone" = stationary phone
ewemy = "mobile phone" = cellular phone
epumy = "top phone" = satellite phone
epamy = "short phone" = walkie-talkie
epymy = "secret phone" = secure phone
edamy = "outer phone" = intercom
ipusumy = "global network phone" = Internet phone
sa computer software isysaju = "visual computer part" = monitor, display
isamy = "computer phone" = modem
usajemu = "computer tape recorder" = tape drive
elosa = "alive software" = computer virus
se list, computer file, database published article, book, film, music, Internet site, etc. ewise = "periodic publication" = newspaper, journal
uzase = "money list" = invoice
eguse = "massive publication" = book
si location, place address, computer directory, universal resource locator episi = "low computer directory" = root directory
apysi = "inner location" = our country, motherland
adasi = "outer location" = foreign country
so communication email asoso = "loud communication" = radio
asyso = "visual communication" = television
aboso = "flat communication" = postcard
agoso = "unimportant communication" = junk mail
abaso = "small communication" = letter
abeso = "big communication" = mail parcel
egoso = "unimportant email" = spam
emaso = "jumping email" = email that bounced because of wrong address
su net, network, grid contract, agreement, treaty, pact, settlement, decision, verdict, document apusu = "global network" = Internet
ygesu = "loss verdict" = ban
ygisu = "gain verdict" = permit
epysu = "private document" = passport
sy politics quarrel, conflict awasy = "stationary politics" = dictatorship
awesy = "mobile politics" = democracy
esisy = "military conflict" = war
za money trade business izazy = "money culture" = corruption
ameza = "bad money" = bribe
agyza = "sad money" = ransom
aguza = "massive money" = coin
ujiza = "sheet money" = paper money, bill
abuza = "simple money" = cash
abaza = "small money" = pocket money
abeza = "big money" = treasure, fortune
adeza = "first money" = down payment
adiza = "last money" = installment payment
aloza = "young money" = salary, wage
aluza = "old money" = pension
aweza = "mobile money" = traveler's check
adoza = "rare money" = gold coin
aziza = "trustworthy money" = insurance payment
ajoza = "false money" = counterfeit money
alyza = "asleep money" = bond
amaza = "awake money" = share
amyza = "idle money" = bank account
ujyza = "borrowed money" = credit
usuza = "network money" = credit card, charge
apyza = "private money" = check
izali = "money building" = bank
uzasi = "money location" = investment
uzaga = "money hole" = bad investment
uzabe = "money plant" = good investment
yzalu = "trade business craftsman" = salesman
eseza = "random trade business" = lottery
ezeza = "uncertain trade business" = stock exchange
ymezabi = "vehicle trade business narrow" = bicycle shop
ze religion philosophy izewo = "religion sibling" = magic
izega = "religion scarcity" = atheism
azeze = "uncertain religion" = agnosticism
emize = "good philosophy" = ethics
zi science, research unit ajozi = "false science" = pseudoscience ebyzi = "long unit" = meter
ewezi = "mobile unit" = meter per second
igyzi = "angle unit" = radian
emazi = "vibration unit" = hertz
esozi = "loud unit" = decibel
eguzi = "massive unit" = kilogram
ywazi = "chemical compound unit" = mole
ezozi = "electric unit" = ampere
ewazi = "positive electric charge unit" = volt
ezuzi = "magnetic unit" = tesla
egazi = "warm unit" = kelvin
ijyzi = "force unit" = newton
ezyzi = "gravitational unit" = pascal
ylyzi = "energy unit" = joule
ymazi = "power unit" = watt
ypuzi = "light unit" = candela
zo mathematics number, ratio ebizo = "narrow number" = octal number
zu atom physics izuju = "atom part" = elementary particle
uzuju = "atom group" = molecule
zy technology culture abe awyzy = "nano technology" = nanotechnology
eluzy = "old culture" = tradition
obyzy = "genetics technology" = genetic engineering
agyzy = "sad technology" = torture
wa chemical element chemical compound amewa = "dangerous chemical element" = uranium
iwawy = "the most common form of chemical element" = hydrogen
esiwa = "clean chemical compound" = detergent
ejawa = "happy chemical compound" = narcotic
we medical knowledge medical substance, pill iweme = "medical knowledge vehicle" = ambulance
wi parent child opawi = "mind parent" = instinct
izewi = "religion child" = hope
imowi = "grasper child" = fingerprint
wo cousin sibling ewawo = "female sibling" = sister
ojowawo = "false feminine cousin" = mother in law
emowo = "sexual sibling" = spouse
wu 5-letter words:
technical term
7-letter words: adjective
5-letter words:
technical term
7-letter words: adjective
izewi = hope, iwuzewi = hopeful
agila = persuasion, awugila = persuasive
usubi = spider, uwusubi = spidery
udubi = mammal, uwudubi = mammalian
wy 5-letter words:
adjective table - literal meaning of,
noun table - the most common form of
7-letter words: verb
5-letter words:
adjective table - abstract meaning of,
noun table - the most common form of
7-letter words: verb
uwywy = cause, ywywy = result
izewi = hope, iwyzewi = to hope
agila = persuasion, awygila = to persuade

Paternoster in English: Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.
Paternoster in Ebubo: ewe awewi eso ulo ede emiwy. ebo uje eze ewyja. ebo eze apulo ude. ebo ysa ezu ede emiwy egy epy amiba.

Rye sentence in English: I find metaphysics indescribably tedious.
Rye sentence in Ebubo: esu iwy yso eduwy epi yzuwo oduwy.