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Merchant Sailing Ships of the NW of England
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The Through Mighty Seas website covers the maritime history of the merchant sailing ships of the North West of England and the Isle of Man, through the period from the late 1700's until the First World War. There are histories of more than 1100 ships, indexed by region, and over 140 historic photographs.

The history covers the area from Lancaster to the S of Morecambe Bay, and the Cumbrian coast to the Solway Firth, and includes the Isle of Man. The main content is individual ship histories, but also included is information on shipbuilders, shipyards, lifeboats, sea captains and mariners, shipping lines and other maritime history information. The site deals only with merchant sailing ships, but there are links (below) to other sites covering steamships and the Royal Navy.


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SHIP INDICES : Isle of Man, Barrow & Millom (Furness & Duddon), Whitehaven, Workington & Harrington, Maryport, Lancaster & Glasson Dock
REGIONAL MISCELLANY : Furness, Cumberland, Lancashire  MASTER MARINERS : Barrow & Ulverston, Whitehaven
PICTURE GALLERIES : Furness 1, Furness 2, Furness 3, Furness 4 , Cumberland , Star of India , Dunboyne
WILLIAM GAWITH'S NOTEBOOKS: Details of 777 vessels sailing from Barrow in the 1850-70 period.
OTHER : Bibliography, Barrow Lifeboat, Pierhead Painters

REPRESENTATIVE SHIPS - Some examples from the 1100 ship histories on this site.

LETTERS OF MARQUE : Thetis, Lancaster, Paragon TEA CLIPPERS : Belted Will, Confucius, Scawfell, Whinfell, Corea EMIGRANT SHIPS : Carricks, Western Monarch, Hibernia INDIAMEN : Floraville, Bowfell, Raj Mahal, Clymene, Burdwan  Q-SHIP : Q-23  COASTING SCHOONERS : James Postlethwaite, Elizabeth Barrow, Mary Ashburner  DEEPWATER SCHOONERS : Mary Barrow, William Ashburner MORECAMBE BAY YACHT : Rose IRON FULL-RIGGED SHIPS & BARQUES: Grassendale, Mallsgate, Eusemere, Andelana  MODERN SURVIVORS : Result, Dunboyne, Euterpe  SHIPWRECK TRAGEDIES: Hannah, Moresby, Mary, Robert, Tampico  LIFEBOAT RESCUES & HEROISM : Manley, Elephant, DoveMary Stoddart, JW Wearing, Bessie Arnold  CREW LISTS: Eliza Bond

ROYAL NAVY (SAILING SHIPS) : Ships of the Old Navy MARITIME MUSEUMS: Maritime and Naval Museums in Britain and Ireland SHIPWRECKS : Rock, Tempest, Fire and Foe (Shipwrecks of the British Isles), Irish Shipwrecks Database, Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks, Wrecks of the Pentland Firth, Pembrokeshire Wrecks  SAILING SHIP RESOURCES : Gilbert Provost's Lloyds Register website, Maritime History Virtual Archives, Fredrik Sandström's Sailing Ships website, Palmer List of Merchant Vessels  NATIONAL DATABASES : Canadian Ship Heritage Database, Welsh Mariners, US Shipping Registers (Mystic Seaport Library)  BARROW SUBMARINES: Barrow Submariners Association WELSH PORTS : Swansea Mariners, Gwynedd Maritime Database,  WHALING : The Whaler's Heritage Project  NW PORTS :  Merseyside Shipping MERCHANT NAVY (STEAMSHIPS) : Red Duster - the British Merchant Navy  SAILING SHIP PHOTOGRAPHS: PictureAustralia, San Francisco Public Library STEAMSHIP & NAVAL PHOTOGRAPHS : Vickers Photographic Archive at Barrow's Dock Museum RESEARCH GUIDES : Maritime Archives, Mariners, Memorial University of Newfoundland - Maritime History Archive, Merseyside Maritime Museum Archives, British Mercantile Records for the 19th & 20th Centuries (Len Barnett)  SHANTIES : Songs of the Sea  TALL SHIPS : Tall Ships Fan (Volker Gries)  MISCELLANEOUS : Ships in Port 1881 Census, Bob Sanders' Maritime History website

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