'I thought my boyfriend was vain when he wouldn't let me touch his hair... he was actually worried it would fall out!': Woman discovers fiance had spent £30,000 on botched hair transplant ops

  • Spencer Stevenson, 37, spent £30,000 having corrective surgery on hairline
  • Had multiple treatments that left him with unnatural looking hair
  • Spencer, from Nottinghamshire, suffered depression and confidence issues

By Deni Kirkova


A man who spent £30,000 on dozens of failed hair transplant operations was left so self-conscious he refused to let his girlfriend touch his hair for a full six months after they got together.

Despite dating Natalie, 35, regularly, Spencer Stevenson, 37, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, managed to keep his botched attempts at hair transplants a secret.

Spencer, who started losing his hair at just 21 avoided telling his future wife that he was spending thousands of pounds on hair transplants - all of which failed to work - until they were about to move in together.

Natalie put her partner's hatred of having his hair touched down to vanity. 'I didn't want to tell her because I was embarrassed. I was self-conscious and lacked confidence. It was my Achilles heel,' he says.

Spencer Stevenson after a successful transplant
With wife Natalie on their wedding day

Spencer Stevenson after a successful transplant and (right) with wife Natalie on their wedding day

Spencer, who began to go bald at the age of 21, says the decision to have a hair transplant was a last resort.

'When I started to lose my hair, I attempted to salvage it over the course of several months,' said Spencer.

'I tried everything - wigs, treatments, all lotions and potions, but the hair loss continued. It affected me hugely emotionally.'


As a result, Spencer began suffering from mild depression. He felt isolated, didn't want to go out and constantly wore a hat. He says it was on his mind 'every minute of every day'.

Finally Spencer made the decision to try a hair transplant.

While he was travelling through America a glamorous-looking advert for hair restoration caught his eye and he thought, 'this could be the answer'.

He went for it, full of hope, but the results were less than ideal. Not much hair grew back and the hair that did, did not look natural. He now says he felt he had been misled by the salesman.

But lack of knowledge and information at the time meant Spencer went back to the same surgeon a further three times after the initial poor outcome.

Post op

Spencer pictured before his corrective surgery (left) and immediately after a successful hair operation (right)

Two years later and £30,000 poorer and his hairline was in no better state - in fact he needed corrective surgery to fix what had been done because it looked unnatural.

The surgery he opted to have done was, at the time, perceived as good and state of art - there was no Internet around to check what he should expect and no easily accessible experts to speak to.

After the four procedures of mini and micro grafts hair transplants Spencer was left with unnatural-looking clumps of hair along hairline.

Worse still, Spencer felt he had to face the struggle alone.

He had met Natalie when the two were travelling and she had no idea he was suffering from hair loss.

But when they were about to buy their first home together, Spencer told her he needed to talk to her about something serious.

Natalie says: 'I had no idea what he we going to tell me and having just put the deposit down on a house, I was worried he was going to tell me it was all over or he'd met someone else.

'The first thing he did was reassure me that he wasn't about to finish with me, then he told me the whole story - that he'd started losing his hair in his late teens, had undergone lots of botched operations costing thousands of pounds and was, at the time, having extensive restorative treatment in New York.

'My first instinct was relief. It all made sense - Spencer's hatred of me touching his hair, his frequent trips to New York which he told me were to see a friend. At the time I had no reason to think he was lying - he did have a friend in the city and I thought he just liked styling his hair in a particular way. 

'Every time I tried to touch his hair he'd push my hand away.'

Spencer waited until his relationship with Natalie had properly developed before letting her in on his biggest secret.

'Nobody knew. Only my mother and sister knew,' he said. 'But even though it's something very sensitive to me, Natalie needed to know when our relationship started getting a lot more serious and we were getting a lot closer.'

Two years after his confession, the couple got engaged. A year later they were married and they now have a beautiful pair of five-year-old twins, Lily and Alfie.

But Natalie says his confession rattled her at first.

'After the initial relief his confession began to hit home, the worry started to settle in,' said Natalie.

natalie and spencer

Spencer waited until his relationship with Natalie had evolved before letting her in on his biggest secret

'What damage was this doing to his scalp? How much treatment could he take? If it failed, what would the impact be? And how was this all affecting him mentally?

'In terms of the money he was spending, it didn't bother me at all', said Natalie.

'Spencer's always worked hard and it was cash he'd earned. I understood that this was something really personal to him, and whilst on the outside he exuded confidence, deep down his self-esteem was really low and restoring his hair would bring the confidence back.

'I was by his side to support him during each new round of surgery and thankfully, it all went well.

'Each time though, my heart did sink and the old fears would come back - about it failing and harming him physically and mentally.

Spencer was self-conscious of the initial unnatural results

Spencer was self-conscious of the unnatural results

His saviour came in the form of New York surgeon Dr Feller who performed a brilliant procedure to fix his hairline for good.

Spencer since launched his website SpexHair, offering what he says is 'honest, ethical hair loss help from hair loss treatments to hair transplants'.

'When Spencer had finished his last round of surgery I was so pleased it was over and amazed at how he looked,' Natalie says.

'Anyone meeting Spencer for the first time would have no idea what he's been through. I felt delighted for him.

'This is what Spencer had been searching for, for years. Overnight his self-confidence and belief in himself improved and he became a different, more self-assured person. 

'We only started telling friends a couple of years ago. They have been incredibly supportive, he's had the banter you'd expect from close mates, but no negativity at all.

'In fact we've found some wanting to talk to us about the whole process because they're thinking of having the same treatment.

'I'm really proud of Spencer and the journey he's been on.

'He's a more confident and relaxed person now than when we first met and feels comfortable in his own skin.

'Now he's come out and people know about the hair loss, he feels as though a big burden has been lifted. He isn't hiding anymore - he's proud of who he is.

The couple are now married. They now have a beautiful pair of five-year-old twins, Lily and Alfie

The couple are now married. They now have a beautiful pair of five-year-old twins, Lily and Alfie

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Yes, for him it was SO stressful that he even rejected the tenderness of his GF. But now he can put it behind, and live a happy live with new hair and new wife.

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I've suffered from hair loss for years and whilst it may appear vain to others, if your not a hair loss sufferer you will not understand it. Not only did I suffer from serious confidence issues effecting my health and relationships it also affected my work. Desperate I turned to Hair Transplant surgery, it was a botch job - this was truly devastating having saved for years and put my hopes in this. I find this guys story inspirational and sincere! It's clear has helped many people from your average Joe (me) to celebrities (run a simple search on him). I wish I'd known about this / him earlier!

Click to rate     Rating   42

My hubby is bald and sexy!

Click to rate     Rating   52

I feel sorry for this young man, but this doesn't seem like news.

Click to rate     Rating   25

Vanity... thy name is Spencer

Click to rate     Rating   2

I'd rather see a confident bald guy than a guy wtih a full head of hair who's an insecure mess.

Click to rate     Rating   25

What an improvement... but $45,000? He could have purchased a whole new head for that price!

Click to rate     Rating   19

I have the exact opposite problem-my hair keeps growing and no matter how many times I cut it, it keeps growing back!

Click to rate     Rating   8

After having landed a beautiful woman like that, he should have been satisfied, and told her about his hair immediately. If she couldn't handle it, then so be it. There's plenty of fish in the sea. Also, if you have never lost any hair or have never been bald, then you will never get it. There is only one thing worse for a man to have than hair loss, and well, we have enough shortcomings as it is. :-)

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He should have just shaved it instead of spending all that money. He has a nice face

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