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Welcome to the Coastal Linen Supplies Website. We offer a wide range of bedding products suitable for all ages and pockets. Our range includes incontinence productsmattress covers, mattress protectors, pillows, duvets and a range of continence and daily living products suitable for any setting, all available to order online. No matter how big or small your order we will be happy to help.

You can rest assured that this is a totally secure site and that our friendly telephone sales staff are available from 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday to answer any queries, or you can e-mail your queries to us, on the above address.


We offer a carefully selected range of bedroom products chosen with you in mind, from duvets and pillows manufactured from a wide range of materials, to a selection of mattress protectors and mattress covers sourced with comfort, value and practicality in mind. Whether you are simply looking for a cosy nights sleep, help with allergies, or an easy way to keep your bed clean, fresh and comfortable, we are sure you will find our products meet your requirements.


With over thirteen million allergy sufferers in the UK alone, anti-allergy products are becoming more widely used in the home, hospitality and care settings. Our range of products is chosen with the user in mind, comfort, efficiency and easy of cleaning are our main priorities. Our products will help you to reduce the effects of House Dust Mites and other allergens to promote restful sleep in the perfect sleep environment.

Continence Care

Coastal Linen Supplies have many years of experience providing quality continence care products to our customers. We are well aware of the needs and expectations of incontinence sufferers and make every effort to deliver quality, high performance, comfortable and dependable products to our customers

Mattress Protection

We offer a wide range of mattress protectors and mattress covers so whether you are simply looking for a cosy night, help with allergies, or an easy way to keep your bed clean and comfortable while suffering with continence issues.

Mattress Covers

Come in a range of styles and at affordable prices, with the comfort of the sleeper and ease of use our paramount concern.