A record label from Wellington, New Zealand. Angry Rabbit releases are mostly free.

More Malty Media nonsense afoot

Man vs. Enema / No Sparky coverBrand new Malty Media single out now - 'Man vs. Enema' on the a-side, and 'No Sparky' on the ... same side. Ok, neither of them is on any side, really, but two new tunes for you to enjoy for free if you so wish.

Aquaboogie releases La Bellend Époque

Regular contributor Aquaboogie has put together a third album, following the grunge loop ambient of 2010's Selected Ambient Whelks with something a bit more glazed and sugary. Satisfy your sweet tooth by checking out the album's release page on this site or saunter over to Bandcamp for some retail therapy.

Montano: Subtitled

It's not an AR release, but let's give it some promo anyway: Montano (Jet Jaguar and Octif) have released their second album of gentle field-recording based ambience. The album is called Subtitled, and is available for download or on limited edition CD at Bandcamp. Saunter over there swiftly and have a listen!

Group Five's Great Days Bonus Album now available as its own free download

Yes, you can now grab Group Five's Good Evenings for free if you so choose. It includes remixes by the other Angry Rabbit bods, Aquaboogie and Jet Jaguar.

Check it out if you like.

'...Apropos of Nothing' now available as downloads

Gordon's alive!

Also, our CD compilation from 2008 is now available to download. It costs you $10NZ for the whole shebang or $1NZ if you want to grab specific tracks. There are still two free downloads in there, Group Five's 'Everybody Looks Just Thrilled' and Fabian Tape's 'Last Weekend'.

This just out: Malty Media: Kleiner Wasserbär

Malty Media, New Zealand's answer to a question that has never been asked, provides Angry Rabbit with its latest release, Kleiner Wasserbär, an EP featuring five psychedelic delights. Check out the release page or the release's Bandcamp page.

While_You_Were_Sleeping performance featuring members of Angry Rabbit roster

While_You_Were_Sleeping, Wellington's loose collective of music-via-laptop producers, is having an outing next Sunday at Betty's on Blair Street. Three Angry Rabbit-affiliated groups will be in performance: Panoramica, Group Five, and Malty Media (Jet Jaguar and Aquaboogie).

This just in: new Aquaboogie album

CoverStuart has finished a collection of his more ambient material, Selected Ambient Whelks 2005-2009. Give it a listen, it's rather good.

It may also be the only New Zealand album to contain a reference to saveloys.  Another very important first for the Angry Rabbit stable, no doubt.

New Group Five release with bonus album

the future is certain, give us time to work it outGroup Five's Great Days collects, reworks and remasters tracks from his first two EPs. And if you download the full album, you get a free bonus album, containing five remixes (by Group Five, Jet Jaguar and Aquaboogie), and five original tracks. All this for NZ$10!

Aquaboogie double A-side virtual single

At the Bays / Takayama

Aquaboogie ends a near 4 year absence in spectacularly strange style by releasing a double A-side musique concrete virtual single.

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