Programmable Power Control

Break through the limitations imposed by inflexible analog controllers.

Our Mission

Green Plug's mission is to provide a rapid prototyping, development and power supply tuning platform for highly customizable power solutions. Increasing complexity and shorter product development cycles make it extremely difficult to optimize power supply designs for new products.

Green Plug develops and licenses a library of configurable hardware blocks, such as ADCs, PWMs, DACs, comparators and other building blocks, to serve power supply designers with tools to meet exact power supply requirements. The company also provides Greescape, the ideal GUI-based development platform that enables real-time changes to key thresholds, set points, startup sequences, timing, switching frequencies and more. We focus on a common platform approach that supports virtually any topology, power range and power supply design.

Green Plug Mixed-Signal Controller

Green Plug is leading the industry in innovative, digital controller technology that is optimized for power conversion applications. Especially in cases where flexibility, adaptability and complex algorithms are needed for a superior power solution, Green Plug is the ideal choice. Our mixed-signal processor features a fully programmable power converter controller with customizable PWM and ADC blocks, at a competitive price with fixed-function controllers. We've also pioneered the use of digital communications to optimize the interactions between power source and sink. In a world where the value of seamless information flow is well understood, Green Plug will enable the next wave of devices to become part of our connected world.