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Improving lives of neuro-endocrine-immune
patients through assistance,
advocacy, education and awareness

What are neuro-endocrine-immune diseases?

Neuro-endocrine-immune diseases (NEIDs) are multi-system diseases that take a dramatic toll on society, individuals and their families. They include myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic tick-borne infections, multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental illness and Gulf War illnesses. An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from NEIDs.

Many patients cannot find knowledgeable healthcare, face obstacles in accessing social services and do not have the physical and emotional strength to be their own advocates.

The good news is that NEIDs are now receiving state and national attention. More good news is that scientific breakthroughs have brought a greater understanding of the biological abnormalities that may explain the debilitating symptoms associated with NEIDs. Even better, PANDORA Org and other patient organizations are now working together to advocate for physician education, increased government-funded research and government policies that will improve these patients' quality of life.

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