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June 26th, 2004

I've been playing Driv3r a lot lately, and I have to say it's a fun game. If you have an Xbox and Xbox Live, you can watch other's film director movies and upload yours.


May 24th, 2004

I worked hard to select and convert sounds from Mafia to Carma 2 from a selection of about, oh, let's say, 10000 sounds. In one folder. My computer can barely handle it. But the end result is more than worth it. You can experience it for yourself on my Carma 2 Downloads page under Other Mods.


May 19th, 2004

I added a mailbag section after someone emailed me with something... erm... special.

Check it out.


May 9th, 2004

Added cheats to the Carma 2 section.





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