Porsche says F1 was not a 'logical option' after return to top-flight sportscar racing


Porsche has admitted to turning its back on entering Formula One due to the sport's lack of relevance for their roadcar programme.

The German manufacturing giant would naturally be a welcome addition to F1, but from next year will instead compete in LMP1 sportscars using hybrid power.

Big hit: Tennis star Maria Sharapova is the new face of Porsche

Big hit: Tennis star Maria Sharapova is the new face of Porsche

With comments that will give motor sport's world governing body, the FIA, and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone food for thought, Porsche's head of R&D Wolfgang Hatz told Autocar: 'We are a sportscar company.

'Porsche has always lived for the transfer of racing to production cars.

'For that reason it was clear two or three years ago we had to be back in high-level motorsport, and it was a choice between top-flight sportscars or Formula One.

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova poses next to a Porsche 911

'The final decision was the only logical one. F1 was an alternative, but the road relevance is not there.

'Also, there is a lot of publicity around politics and tyres, but not so much about the engines and chassis.

'The aero, too, is incredible, but so extreme that it cannot result in any development in our road car understanding.'


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Can't wait for Porsche to be back in Sportscars. At the moment, it's which Audi will win. Le Mans is really missing Peugeot. The manufacturers get nothing out of F1. Even in Indycar and NASCAR, which don't have that much road relevance, the manufacturers get much more promotion.

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Ban all external aero. The benefits would be - much lower entry level costs, better appreciation of driver skills, lower overall speeds , better chassis and engine designs and above all the ability to overtake with the reduction of "turbulent air" also on the tyre issue one set of tyres to last the complete G.P. then we will see the tyres being developed like the old days!

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In truth F1 is just to expensive & the chance of producing a winning car out of the blue is just about zero.

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Well done Porsche. F1 used to be about engines , chasis and drivetrains. Now it is about tyres. The only good thing to come out of F1 in the past few years is Kers.

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Does Sharapova come with the car? If that's the case, I don't think I'll spend much time driving.

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2014 is going to be a great year at le Mans with a proper LMP1 battle again, Le mans misses Peugeot challenging Audi and with Toyota Porsche and Audi all battling it out next year it will be a classic race. Alas last year and indeed 2013 LMP1 is lacking and only LMP2 and GT worth watching especially with the new RSR cars

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I long to see Porsche back in the top level Sportscar racing, where they were kings before. I agree F1 is not a good venue for Porsche. F1, the way it is run now, is not really racing but more about tyre management. I fail to see the excitement about tyre strategies instead of real out and out racing throughout the race.

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