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by Suzanne Somers 8/27/2010 10:30:00 AM

Water fluoridation has always been a contentious issue, but it is becoming more common to hearmention of fluoride as a toxic substance in our everyday lives, and that it should be eliminated.The practice of fluoridating drinking water in North America began in 1945 ostensibly for thepurpose of reducing tooth decay, but it was initiated before proper studies had been performed to ensure the safety of ingesting fluoride over a lifetime. 

Fluoride is added to water to bring it to an arbitrary level deemed necessary for healthy teeth. But fluoride is a toxin, not a nutrient. The proof is the massive increase in irreversible dental fluorosis (white or brown spots on the teeth) in children who drank fluoridated water as babies. Fluoride is an accumulative environmental and food chain pollutant. While less than 1% of fluoridated tap water is used for drinking, we are all exposed to a fluoride in various forms from many sources,including foods and drinks cooked or processed with it, pesticide residue on non-organic produce,air pollution, dental products, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few. Fluoride accumulates in our bodies, potentially harming the unborn, growing children, the medically compromised, and seniors the most. In spite of claims by the dental industry, fluoride does not prevent tooth decay - oral health is tied to income level and nutrition, not fluoride intake. The fluoridation chemicals in the unused water go back into the environment, accumulating in land and aquatic life. 

Most health authorities suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water per day for good health. How much fluoride are you getting when you drink a glass of artificially fluoridated water? About the same as if you swallowed a pea-sized blob of toothpaste - which the label clearly tells you not to do. If it is not safe to swallow eight blobs of toothpaste with FDA-approved fluoride per day for life, or take eight pills containing this amount of fluoride, why are we told it’s OK to drink this amount of the diluted industrial waste that has never been FDA-approved for human consumption? 

Yes, we are drinking diluted industrial waste. The product used for water fluoridation is a highlyt oxic waste recovered from the air pollution scrubbing systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry,as well as from other sources of industrial waste, including that from China. Wherever it issourced from, it is contaminated with lead, arsenic, and radioactive particles, among other very hazardous, accumulative contaminants. 

Increasingly in the last few decades, citizens in North America and around the world have been learning the truth about water fluoridation and many are becoming active and vocal to protect themselves and their communities. In recent years, more and more communities have been removing fluoride from their drinking water, reversing a 60 year trend. Over 2600 professionalsso far have signed a statement requesting the end of water fluoridation. This information and more facts about water fluoridation can be found on the website of the Fluoride Action Network(FAN), at www.fluoridealert.org. While there are many good fluoride opposition websites, this website is the most comprehensive non-dental and non-governmental source of scientific information on fluoride and its health effects. It has thousands of supporters, including professionals in medicine, dentistry, environmental science as well as the US EPA Union of professional workers. 

Canadian citizens can find further information about water fluoridation on the Canadian websites of http://www.waterloowatch.comand http://www.fluoridation.com. 

Another organization, the national, educational non-profit Second Look, with its program the Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative (FTRC) has been addressing the issue of fluoride poisoning in individuals, and is the only organization developing a system to work with people who are ill from the effects of fluoride toxicity, a still unrecognized epidemic. See:http://www.SLweb.org. People usually decide against fluoridation when they are well informed with the facts. Get the facts - protect yourself and your community.



Suzanne Somers

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