Jose's new blueprint: Mourinho chasing Rooney, Ronaldo and Varane to win title

By Andrew Magee


There have been quite a few changes since Jose Mourinho was last at Chelsea.

Although stalwarts Frank Lampard, John Terry and Petr Cech remain in west London, a number of his star men have moved on and they have slipped behind the Manchester clubs in terms of Premier League dominance.

So how will the Special One rebuild the team in his image?

Back in town: Jose Mourinho is likely to return to Chelsea at the end of the season

Back in town: Jose Mourinho is likely to return to Chelsea at the end of the season


Cristiano Ronaldo

The pair had their differences at Madrid, but Ronaldo flourished under Mourinho. It would make one sensational summer swoop.

Wayne Rooney

Unhappy at United and Chelsea are one of the few clubs who could afford him.

Raphael Varane

The young defender has been a revelation at Madrid and could follow Mourinho to Chelsea.

Wayne Rooney
Cristiano Ronaldo

Targets: Cristiano Ronaldo (right) and Wayne Rooney (left) could make the move to the Bridge


Frank Lampard

The midfielder looked to be on his way out of Chelsea but will be happy to see Mourinho back.

Petr Cech

Cech thrived under Mourinho, who is unlikely to pick a new Chelsea No 1.

Ashley Cole

One of Chelsea's most reliable performers since Mourinho signed him in 2006. Key to his plans.

Frank Lampard
Ashley Cole

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Fernando Torres

He cost £50m and has failed to justify his price tag, so Mourinho is unlikely to give him time. He's no Didier Drogba.

Oriol Romeu

Hasn't made an impact and isn't helped by the fact he joined from Jose's rivals, Barcelona.

Marko Marin

Another unfulfilled prospect. Mourinho will have better players at his disposal.

Marko Marin
Fernando Torres

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The Special One is unlikely to return in a blaze of modesty but how have Chelsea’s other bosses made an entrance during the Abramovich years?

Claudio Ranieri

‘This is the dawn of a new era. I, Tinkerman, will not change.’ The Italian tactician was already in place when Abramovich took over. He lasted less than a year.

Jose Mourinho

‘We have top players and, sorry if I’m arrogant, we have a top manager. I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one.’ Mourinho arrived from Porto with a superb record and a  growing reputation.  Not that he’s one  to boast.

Avram Grant

‘I am not the “Special One”. I’m the normal one. But my wife says I am special.’ Not one for arrogance, Grant went on to lead Chelsea to a Champions League final.

Over and out: Jose Mourinho has left his post at Real Madrid after three seasons at the Bernabeu

Over and out: Jose Mourinho has left his post at Real Madrid after three seasons at the Bernabeu

Luiz Felipe Scolari

‘I am special for my friend, family and country. As a manager — so, so.’

The Brazilian was not special enough for Abramovich. After only eight months and 36 games in charge at Chelsea, he was sacked.


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Hahaha Mourinho's entire ''shopping list'' hates him

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oh my good , varane should be a good sign what a player

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Wow if Mourinho comes to Chelsea he will have a tough time selecting starting 11 out of like a 50 players he is allegedly buying -he has been linked to so many players over the past few weeks.Ronaldo won't leave Real let alone join Chelsea, Varane was bought for a relatively small sum (in football terms)-he is only 20,playing amazing and it's not like Real can buy someone better at that position. They've done a good deal and secured a defender who has at least a decade of great games ahead of him.

Click to rate     Rating   1

So Mourinho will want to sell Romeu because 'he used to play for Barcelona'. So if Messi was here would he want rid of him as well DM?!

Click to rate     Rating   6

PEOPLE WHOSE CHELSEA CAREERS ARE OVER - Any young player like Josh Mceachran. Cheers for that.

Click to rate     Rating   9

Is he wearing tights on his arms?

Click to rate     Rating   1

you mean trying to buy the title.....What's SPECIAL about that??

Click to rate     Rating   8

Dream on Blues, dream on. Ronaldo has already stated that if he comes back to the Premier league there is ONLY one club he will play for. Why would you go anywhere else..................

Click to rate     Rating   11

Falcao would look good for Chelsea - it's a bit of a fantasy to think of a swap deal where Torrres goes back to Atletico and Falcao comes to the Bridge but I could see Falcao being sensational for Chelsea - he's strong, aggressive - pair him up with that midfield and he'd score a hatful.

Click to rate     Rating   21

Out of those three, only Varane makes sense(but Real won't sell him). Romeu was injured for most of last season and hasn't had time to make an impact, infact he could atleast make a very good back-up(or even first team) player.

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